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  1. reena · June 18, 2010

    Hi, is there anyway i could get in touch with the Nadi Palm Leaf Reader around KL at present.Please furnish me with any info if you have.Im truly in the midst of crisis with my present ongoing life.Will appreciate you help.Thanks

    • crystal · June 18, 2010

      Reena, I have my nadi leaf read by a Guru in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. How do I furnish you the particulars. I can say that the accuracy is there.

      • saras · June 18, 2010

        hi crystal…
        please give me the contact detail of the nadi leaf reader at brickfield…thanks

      • Lee · June 18, 2010

        Hi there,

        Can you please share and email the details of the Palm Leaf Reader to me?
        Thanks a lot!

  2. Aini · June 18, 2010

    Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at the email link provided. Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

  3. Natali · June 18, 2010

    I am also interesting about palm leaf reader.Please writte me contact.

  4. kameleswery · June 18, 2010

    hi there i wana check my olaichuvadi. Im based at Penang

  5. kameleswery · June 18, 2010

    where can i check olaichuvadi in penang

  6. Logeswaran · June 18, 2010

    How to booking

  7. Dave · June 18, 2010

    Hi there. I wanna talk with the owner if it’s possible.
    I reviewed your site and I have a few suggestions for him.
    My Whatsapp is: 1 (405) 836-7116

  8. kristy · June 18, 2010

    This is a long short but do you have the Nadi Palm Leaf Reader contact?

  9. Tanu · June 18, 2010

    Hey there, may i know where is this nadi reader from? Any possibility to get the contact of this person?

  10. James · June 18

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  11. Vintagehle · June 18

    elements (case, binding).

  12. Augustgli · June 18

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