Free Dinner

Two days ago, i was given free dinner courtesy of Lingster’s bro. He was so generous because i so happened recommended him for a job and he was hired. Whether he will remain there for a long time is a different question all together but the main point is that he got his first ‘fatty’ pay cheque and he is giving me a treat. Instead of him bringing me, Lingster was asked to do so.

She gave me a few places that we could go and i just had to choose Manhattan Fish Market. I suddenly had cravings for the Manhattan Flaming Prawns – 8 succulent prawns with cheese covering it and served with either rice or fries. Before serving, the prawns are ‘flamed’ so the cheese would melt on top of the prawns and all this is done in front of you.

So we dashed to Midvalley with only objective, to have dinner and that’s all. No shopping.

Yeah something that’s hard to believe especially when you are with one/a few girls. Lingster kept saying, “No no i am just gonna window shop and go back”. She ended up trying here and there. This made me recall the diagram that was emailed to me a few years back about the difference between the man and woman when it comes to getting something at the shopping complex.

Hahaha but anyway, we did have time to spare so i didn’t make a fuss out of it. Instead i too joined her in window shopping but i didn’t get anything. Just didn’t have the mood especially with finals just around the corner.

Back to my ‘free dinner’ story, we enter Manhattan Fish Market and ordered Calimari, 1 Manhattan Flaming Prawns with Rice and 1 Manhattan Flaming Prawns with Chips. The one thing i don’t understand is in the menu, they have this icon that shows which dish is famous and recommended. I still can’t figure out why this particular dish doesn’t have that recommended icon.

The combination of the prawns, the flamed cheese and rice is something to die for.

Our orders came in right after ‘buka puasa’ time and we ate like pigs.

Lingster and I enjoyed the food. When i had the first prawn in my mouth, i was like high on crack. When i finished my meal, i thought of ordering one more since it was ‘free’, ahahahaha. Well i only thought about it and it remained only as a thought :P

Hohoho, Lingster paying for our meal, thanks to Ing Keat. How’d i wish if he could do this more often *hint hint* I am sure Lingster will object and would rather see the money go to waste on his toys then to fatten us up.

We ended our outing with dessert at the Food Court. Whenever i am at Midvalley, i will always try to get my hands on a bowl of Jelly Honey Sea Coconut :D

Oh ya, it was also paid for …. Thanks again, Ing Keat !


  1. Dude..i like just the exact thing! Manhattan’s flaming prawns n the jelly honey sea coconut! Dammn you’re making me freaking hungry now..haha :))