Happy 21st Birthday

Exactly a week ago, the person in the picture below celebrated her 21st Bday. I was invited and so was Lingster. A week before her birthday party she asked me if i knew any good place around KL to shop for clothes and i said no but i could ask Lingster. I asked Lingster the whereabouts of the places she went last time and everything was either near One Utama or Hartamas. Not knowing that place well, i decided to bring Lingster along since she knows how to get there. To tell you the truth, i was practically threaten by Lingster, to actually let her follow as she too wanted to shop =_=”

Hehehe just if you haven’t known, the girl in the pic below is actually my sis and well i was suppose to bring her around with my parents to shop. Thank God for Lingster, we were able to get there with ease. My parents drove my sis all the way from Penang just to shop, now tell me why is that even fair ? Just because she’s the only girl in my family doesn’t mean she can just demand things like that. Actually i don’t really care, ahahahaa. Lingster knew my sis was gonna have a party the following week but i didn’t really ask her to come cause most of the ppl of our age will be my sister’s friends and the rest are my family members. So i wouldn’t know if she would be comfortble enough being alone. But all that changed when my sis invited her or rather told her to come. Before Lingster could even decide, she was given strict rules about attire. All attendees will have to have the colour white or green or blue on the attire to exclude them from a possible punishment. And for girls, they have to be in skirt, no pants allowed. As i was driving, i could see from the rearview mirror that Lingster’s eye quadrupled in size.

We arrived at Hartamas earlier than planned and unfortunately Cat Whiskers wasn’t even open for business yet. We lingered around in other shops like the Tanzz and bought a couple of things from there. Even with Tanzz, my parents were quite surprised with the price, saying that it was quite cheap. Lingster reminded them, wait till they are in Cat Whiskers, as the choices are much better. After an hour or so, we moved to ‘Kucing Punya Misai’.

I think you should know why she’s going through the clothes with that colour, hehehe

Lingster too was NOW, busy hunting for one. I could see she was busy trying clothes after clothes and was never easily satisfied :P

Eventhough the clothes were more for the younger generation, my mum simply went thru all to see if any of it were suitable for my sis. We were there for like 2hours and my sis bought around 370 bucks worth of clothes. If that didn’t kill me, she bought 500 bucks worth of clothes in Midvalley the day before and spent 200 in Tanzz. You know how jealous i was ? When i even want to buy a freaking shirt that’s only 20-30 bucks, i will have to think 2million times. How’d i wish i was a girl, minus those monthly thingy, ahem … :P

7 days past and my family was in KL again for the party. They stayed at Berjaya Times Square, where Lingster and I joined them right after the Really 3G competition. Lingster was more excited than i am as this was her first time going to the highest floor of Berjaya Times Square and from the bedroom, you could see the whole of KL. I forgot to take photos of the place :( We all dressed up and we headed to Selangor Golf Club, can’t really remember the name (opp the science centre).

My sis and few of her friends. The first pic is she and her twin friends. The next pic is she and her ‘friend’ from Singapore, ahem.

Her friends came from all over the country but this are the only few pictures i have with me right now. The pic above, Lingster and sis. Notice that bottle kind of instrument behind them? Any idea what are those? You see, my cousin who must have watched too many american teen kind of movies decided to have a drinking challenge session. So what they will do is, fill it up with beer and see who finishes first. There’s no need to guess whom they call out first. NO ler it’s not my sis ! They called me :( One of my cousin asked me to team up with him. Oh ya, there’s 2 tiubs, so 2 people will have to drink or rather suck at the same time. As i was preparing myself (breathing in and out) my family thought i was crazy and was all asking Lingster if i even have drank a freaking can before. Lingster didn’t know what to say cause she herself was stunned when i agreed to the challenge. There were 4 bottles = 4 teams. When they gave the Go signal, i sucked like there’s no tomorrow ! Yes people, i sucked ! There are pictures actually but they weren’t ‘clear’ *ahem*. Guess what? My team won and was crowned as the best suckers for the night =_=” what kind of title is that ler ?????????

My parents were quite worried about me as i was going to drive back but i assured them that there’s nothing. I only realised i was a bit ‘out’ when i finally reached back at Times Square. I can’t even take decent picture with anyone. Even the nicest pics i have made me look like a bloody clown.

Lingster said my eyes were like closing and asked me to OPEN THEM BIG BIG. And you see what happened ? Furthermore, she said i look FAT. Now after seeing this pic, i realised i can see my tummy :( Tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Must exercise already. And because of that, my sis started calling me, fatty pig =_=”

Lingster and I. I think i look funny in this picture. Maybe i was still disorientated at that time. As for Lingster, thanks for everything – thanks for bringing my sis shopping, thanks for showing the way, thanks for being sporting during the party and ….. thanks for teaming up with my sister to critisize me every now and then. I know ler, i always do that to you until i got scolded by my mum ! Imagine this, my mum scolding me for not talking like a gentleman to Lingster. Hahaha, i didn’t know i was that bad :(

So now on i will be more ‘kind’ to everyone and Lingster :D

Happy 21st Birthday, Sis ;)