My last lecture class of the semester

Woke up at 7 today for classes. My last 2 classes for the semester is today, so i thought i might as well go for the earliest class and get done with it. The class starts at 8 and ends at 10.

When i got there, i saw so many students waiting outside of the lecture halls. I was confused and i checked my watch. It was already 8.05am and why the hell are they all waiting outside ? I stepped up like some big hero and tried to open the door……. The stupid door didn’t open and i looked like a pathetic fool =_=” Thank God there were only like 5 students *shy shy*

The lecturer told me, the security couldn’t get the door open since 7.50am.

The only lecture hall opened is the one in the picture above but it didn’t have the whiteboard my lecturer needed. So we all played the ‘waiting game’.

There were suppose to be 2 classes running at the same time and both halls were locked. By 8.15am, the security guards decided to go through the back way and force the doors to open from inside out.

As we waited, their main security leader was explaining to the lecturer why the doors we locked. “Kalau Encik tak buat booking kat ofis, memang pintu pintu ini takan buka. Jadi lain kali buat booking”. The lecturer who isn’t Malaysian, just nodded with a puzzled face =_=”

So much for me of getting up early for classes. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn