The other half

As i went thru Jiin’s and Charng’s blogs i realised both of them have their new entries about their partners. Jiin said she’s diabetic after writing her entry and even warned that those who reads it will be diabetic as well. Charng on the other hand, wrote an entry about how she needs to regain her memory strength forgot her password and Kevin came to the rescue.

I haven’t actually said much about my partner. I mean besides my MMU friends, others kept bugging me on this matter. Maybe by simply going through the blog, you can see it’s a bit obvious but the thing is i never directly claimed nor wrote an entry about her. Today i will share some super short stories on her, just to let you get a brief idea who she is.

Last weekend, I called her up. Simply asking what was she doing, yada yada, those routine questions. She replied, saying that she was getting a loan and will be paying 200 bucks monthly for …. and the line went fuzzy. I didn’t really catch what she was saying as the background sound on her side wasn’t helping much either. I said, ” Ahhhhhhh ?” Indication of ‘can you please repeat what you have said earlier’. I was lazy and opted for the one syllable reply instead.

“I am getting a loan to buy a chair …..”

“And every month i need to pay 200 ringgit for it …..”

At this point i was laughing and banging the table. I for one, haven’t actually come across anyone who needs a loan for a chair. I thought buying a chair is as easy walking in, choosing it and paying cold hard cash.

So that’s a little teaser on my super duper partner. Soon she’ll be telling me, she needs loan for 2B pencils.

I know i haven’t been nice to her, especially in my blog and also *ahem* in real person. Like i said in my previous entry, even my mum thought i wasn’t gentleman enough to her =_=” and now she uses this as threat. Today alone, she threatened me 6 times, to call up my mum and report on my wrong doings. Now how can i even let her take advantage like this ? But when anything has to do with my parents, i will quietly listen *scared of them* :(

Nevertheless, as my other 2 kaki’s above mentioned positive things about their partners. I too shall attempt to do so.

The main reason why i like her is, she’s able to communicate well. For me communication always comes first. I don’t girls who simply follows whatever is said to her. With her around, i know she will give me feedback and occassionally over rule decisions that i have made :P Physical appearance only comes in second after ‘ability to communicate’. You have to understand that having a great physical appearance does actually boost your confidence and thus making you look good. Indirectly, it does help with your relationship. Imagine this, from the first day of your relationship till now, you have the same style of physical outlook. It will definitely bore your partner. I am not suggesting to have an overhaul but simple modification once in a while can simply help spice up your relationship. Again all this can happen easily if you are able to communicate well with your partner. She happens to listen to me when it comes to physical appearance and i grateful for that. Eventhough you are able to communicate well with your partner, there are times ideas, judgement and decisions collide. Resulting in supernova kind of quarrels. It’s ok to quarrel, it’s all part of relationship. We do give in to each other all the time. Sometime, she can see how damn childish i am and she will quietly agree with me just not to make matters worst. Same goes with me. One thing is for sure, when there’s quarrel, we always make it a point to settle it before 24hours. We never prolonged it more than that.

Now i feel i am writing on how a relationship should be like =_=”

So now you know what is the main drive in my relationship which is communication. Enough of me talking here, gonna hit the sack. Goodnight everyone. I end it with a collage of me and Lingster ;) And to Lingster, thanks for the continuing support you’re giving me. Love you :D


  1. the chair doesnt belong to me. n its paid tru installment not loan!!!

    thanks for ‘tribute’ babes

    the best way to strengthen a relationship is to FIGHT. haha. i mean, u have to make sure u patch it back nicely before it overturns. after each fight, u just love yer other half more :P

  2. oi i left a comment but it didnt appear. :O

    anyway, haha nice entry! it was about time you wrote about may ling!! guys make a very sweet couple!

    p/s – isn’t jiin’s bf wee vern?

  3. woohoo! It’s about time you wrote about May Ling. hehe.. damn sweet entry. You guys look great together.

    oh and p/s isn’t jiin’s bf WEE VERN? forgive me if im wrong ..

  4. Maxine, i think the line something wrong. that’s why didn’t appear earlier :P
    Hehehe thanks for the compliment and yes, that’s weewern. Hahaha.

    Small world isn’t it :P

  5. Wee Vern… was in MMU for like what… a short period to try mmu out right?

    His mum taught me in school!!!!

    Jiin, congrats! if you’re reading this. :)

  6. Crap ler, the comment function something wrong =_=”

    Yeah he was here for a while then went to UTM. Maybe Jiin should be replying that instead of me :P

  7. its an osim chair ler…my parents idea. installment is differnet from loan. installment i dun have to pay interest and i take time to pay. loan is when i borrow from one party to pay the other party n i will be charged interest. since the isntallment doenst cost a thing, might as well pay small sum to osim rather than one big lump sum.

    seeee, this is how satkuru talks to me and this is the reason why his mom said he is not treating me well enough

  8. Grin! About time…:P

    Match made in heaven..the both of you.Waiting for u guys to get married and have kids.Haha

    And congrats to Jiin..AGAIN..:P

  9. james: thanks. hahaha everyone is the luckiest person on earth when they know they have someone to be with ;)

    charng: goodness @_@ think until so far meh. nvm we shall wait for you to have :P

  10. heh sorry i just saw this. thanks. ! :p

    eh it’s spelt wee Vern la, sat. =.=

    mr and mrs snoopy roccks man!! :p i wan baby snoops. :p
    im so happy for you both, sat and ling. ^__^

  11. hahaha i know it’s spelt like that but didn’t know i did a typo until i read it back just the other day. don ler angry :(

    >_< " again baby snoops

    take care :D

  12. fuhh…jiin fighting for her man. :P

    this baby snoops has to be put on hold for baby weeVern to come out first. ahaha

  13. walao eh. =.=
    apa ni.
    baby snoops christmas edition is mine.
    no baby weevern. baby snoops!!!!
    cmon cmon. show me the baby!

  14. walao eh!!
    no baby weevern. *blek*
    i want baby snoops christmas edition!!
    NOWW!! this december !