Happy New Year 2007

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may two thousand seven be a better year for you and your loved ones in every way possible.

P/S: I wonder if anyone could recognize this shirt :P Lingster ! I know you know, hahahaha. Oh ya, Lingster would also like to wish everyone A Happy Happy New Year !


  1. Wishing u
    12 months of happiness,
    52 weeks of fun,
    365 days of laughter,
    8760 hours of good luck,
    525600 minutes of joy,
    31536000 seconds of success.
    Happy New Year 2007

  2. Happy 2007 New Year! Wishin u all have a new startin of the life journey with lots of happiness n joyful moments in year ahead. lastly have a blast n bless new year.

  3. Happy New Year Kuru!!!!!

    Of course i know where tht shirt is from. Since i still owe u a shirt, do u wan tht shirt? :P