Langkawi Day 2

When we checked in, the receptionist asked if we had any plans for the next day. We were then shown a few tour packages that could be arranged. The island hopping package was recommended. It will take us approximately 5-6 hours for the whole trip….

Langkawi Day 1

Last weekend I was at Langkawi with Lingster and a bunch of people who left for snorkeling after checking in. They came in by ferry where else, Lingster and i had to fly due to a few reasons. The journey was a short one and…

Shopping spree

Tomorrow will be my day off and finally i will have sometime to do my shopping. I am not sure if i am going to buy anything but i am definitely window shopping in Queensbay. Topman already caught my eye with their large SALE banner….


*UPDATE* The price of ipod video has just been slashed. 30Gb old price: RM 1249 new price: RM 1099 80Gb old price: RM 1699 new price: RM 1499 for more info click here I came back home and found out my dad changed his nano….

The month of December 2006

I will never forget December 2006. It probably became one of the worst month ever for me in every aspect possible. I was more like whacked almost to death but left alive just to surfer. And to add insult to my condition, i was dipped…