Langkawi Day 1

Last weekend I was at Langkawi with Lingster and a bunch of people who left for snorkeling after checking in. They came in by ferry where else, Lingster and i had to fly due to a few reasons. The journey was a short one and was rude one. While checking ourselves at the security post, one of the MAS staff asked us if we were bound for Langkawi and when we said yes, he said faster run ! We were like HUH ? So we ran to the gate and right to the plane. It seems that we were the last to board the plane. Even the air stewardess smiled and told us to calm down :P

Upon arriving there, we waited for the Iswara that i booked but was greeted with a Nissan Sentra. It was already late in the evening by the time we checked in. The apartment could easily occupy 6 people and it was spacious.

I was busy walking around meddling things and snapping photos till Lingster got fed up and demanded to leave the place and drive around. So that’s what we did. We stayed near the Airport and the nearest place to dine would be Pantai Chenang, which is about 10-15 minutes drive from our place.

When we reached Langkawi, it was the last 3 days of the OFF PEAK season. There weren’t much traffic on the road.

Lingster’s ultimate hobby would be cam-whoring.

We drove along Pantai Chenang, scouting for a good place to eat. Lingster’s theory was if there’s a lot of people at a certain place then it’s definitely good. Of course that’s true but i am sure the service would be slow at the same time. I followed what she said and we found this chinese restaurant by the beach. Like she said, the place did have many patrons and like i said, the service was exceptionally slow but it didn’t really matter cause we weren’t rushing.

Lingster was forced to serve rice, hahaha. I am sure she would have taken the whole bowl and smacked my head if given the chance.

We ordered Teo Chew Fish, Cashewnut Chicken, Baby Kailan, fried egg with meat in it and Shark Fin soup.

Everyone who goes to Langkawi will definitely tell you that beer is cheaper than water. So why bother drinking water ? Both of us ordered beer but couldn’t finish it >_<" We felt so full thanks to the food, i felt i over ordered the portions.

Cheers !

We played around with the cameras and taught Lingster how to use the panoramic function in k750 and my ixus.

After dinner, we strolled down the road of Pantai Chenang before heading back to our apartment. That’s how we spent our first day in Langkawi


  1. its either u deliberately took those panoramic shots that way, or u dunno what the main usage of that function is.

    u can overlap the sides of the pics and make a long pic from side to side

  2. the last 2 panoramic shots were done on purpose. i do know how it works but i was showing lingster that besides getting a full length picture, i could combine 3 pics :P

    i did an actual panoramic pic which i am using it as my banner :D

    btw how are you ?