Langkawi Day 2

When we checked in, the receptionist asked if we had any plans for the next day. We were then shown a few tour packages that could be arranged. The island hopping package was recommended. It will take us approximately 5-6 hours for the whole trip. Extra discount was given after the receptionist found out my parents were members of a time sharing company.

The next morning, we were all set by 9am and drove off to waterworld. We were then joined by a family of 5 and all of us boarded a van that brought us to a pier near Awana Porto Malai. The surrounding was breath-taking. This resort is built at the southern tip of Langkawi.

Suddenly we found ourselves in Portugal. This is part of Awana Porto Malai and we were asked to hang around here till the boat arrives. Lingster and i walked further up to see how the place was and the units/rooms looked very impressive but i still don’t understand why is it only rated 3 stars.

I got bored of waiting for the boat and started taking photos of anything in sight. Poor Lingster, she’s always my victim when it comes to this circumstances, not that she doesn’t like either :P After 15 minutes or so, we were called to the boat. All together in the boat were around 15 people.

And off we go. First up was Pulau Dayang Bunting. The boatman stopped to explain why is it called Dayang Bunting. He pointed and spoke to us in Malay. Lingster then pulled me over to ask what about those ‘ang mo’, will they understand what the boatman is saying. Instead of answering her, i asked the boatman. He just laughed and said if there’s any problem then i would have to explain -_-” Right after that one of them turned back and asked what did the boatman say. So now i am in charge of translating.

The boatman then said, there’s an enclosed lake at Dayang Bunting and he will stop there for us explore for an hour. As we arrived at the island, we could see that we were suppose to walk up a flight of stairs and before the boatman could give us any instructions, the ‘ang mo’ turned back and asked the boatman,

” Kita kena naik atas ?”

Everyone looked stunned and the boatman couldn’t stop laughing and replied ‘Yes’. I was like holy crap, he speaks Malay ? And i was being like a fool trying to translate everything the boatman says. As we got off the boat, the ‘ang mo’ saw me and lingster taking photos of each other and he offered to take for us.

The ‘ang mo’ was really friendly. They were still busy posing around for photos when the rest including Lingster and i started walking to the lake. It was like a 7 – 10 minutes walk. I would suggest anyone to empty their bladders before the whole trip. The toilets ain’t free and isn’t cheap either.

We walked up a flight of stairs and then followed by another flight of stairs downwards. The shining spot you see in the picture would be the lake. The lake is divided into 3 sections. First one would be where you could swim in. You would need to rent a life jacket for RM 3. Second section is where you could do kayaking, boat peddling or even boat peddling powered with solar motor. The last one would be a small closed area of the lake where they have cat-fishes and you were suppose to dip your legs in it. The cat-fishes will then ‘suck’ your feet. I am not sure if there’s any medical benefit by doing so but the idea of doing it was fun.

Lingster and i totally forgot about that cat-fish thingy and ended up dazing around the lake in one of their solar motored boat. The water was cold and there’s a constant breeze throughout the time we were there. Going round the lake, took us around 40 minutes. Then we walked back to the boat.

The boatman then took us to another island where it was infested with eagles. There were so many of them. Occasionally there would be a few seagulls. He brought us to this island to show us how he would feed the eagles. He took a bucket of chicken meat and scattered it on the water. He then drove the boat away and stopped. After a minute or so, one by one, the eagles dived from the sky and hovered just above the water to scout for the chicken. They then use their claws to grab the chicken meat. There was no point of me taking any photos as my camera was to slow.

We were then taken to Pulau Beras Basah. There was nothing on that island except foreigners sun bathing. By now i could feel my skin burning and at some parts, peeling off -_-” Lesson: Always always bring along sunscreen.

Don’t ask why i am looking the other way in the picture. There could only be 2 possibilities. Either, there’s an ‘ang mo’ sunbathing or Lingster forced me to look like that. The rest that followed us in the boat changed into their swimming attires and hit for the beach while Lingster and i were busy photographing each other. Some pictures turned out really nice especially with the beautiful scenery around the island.

Can anyone tell me what happened to Lingster in this picture ?

A: She was whacked by a gush of wind ?
B: Having a bad hair day ?
C: Running away from me ?

After doing some crazy stunts on the beach, we sat down under the shades and bought ourselves a bag of chips and a can of Sprite.

The chips cost me RM 3 and the drink RM 2 =_=” Lesson: Always bring a bottle of water and maybe a bag of chips.

It’s really a nice place to relax and forget all the responsibilities i have back in Penang.

Lingster took a short nap. I on the other hand was busy looking at others enjoying their sun bathing. Suddenly i wish i was back in Phuket again. Lingster ! Come let’s go Phuket !

After resting for 15 minutes, we walked by the beach and took more photos.

By now i could hardly feel my skin. It felt more like my flesh on my face was exposed to the scotching sun.

Lingster did get into the water and was greeted with a wave which did wet part of her pants. I was then asked to at least wet my feet but didn’t bother doing so after seeing that the waves were becoming bigger.

I was preparing myself for Lingster to take a photo when the boatman asked me what am i -_-” Even the lady behind me overheard his question.

We almost left the ‘ang mo’s before realizing we were short of 2 more passengers. Once they boarded, we zoomed back to Awana Porto Malai where we were driven back to Waterworld before heading back to our apartment.

After washing up, we left for Kuah town which was like 15 minutes drive through their new highway. We had lunch at some chinese restaurant and did some shopping. I bought chocolates and liquor. Lingster suggested what liquor to buy since it was cheap and looked unique. Lingster on the other hand got herself a pair of Nike shoes which was cheap. I was tempted to buy too but they only had sizes till 8 :(

I had so many people asking how much i paid for the Sentra i rented, it’s RM 80 a day. But let me remind you that i booked for a Proton Iswara but was given this instead. I did check the rates for Sentra and it’s RM 180- RM 220 a day.

Once we finished our shopping, we packed back KFC for dinner. First we were in Langkawi Parade and were lining up in this place called KLG. Both of us thought it was KFC at first till Lingster asked me, how come now the set comes with corn in the cup. I was like ehhhhhhh why are the sets funny looking. We walked off just to realize that the place was called KLG instead of KFC. Their theme colour was the same as KFC except of seeing the old man in the logo, you see a chicken.