*UPDATE* The price of ipod video has just been slashed.

30Gb old price: RM 1249 new price: RM 1099
80Gb old price: RM 1699 new price: RM 1499

for more info click here

I came back home and found out my dad changed his nano. I thought 2Gb was more than enough for him but i was wrong. He got himself a new 8Gb nano without even consulting me first -_-”

The best part is, my bro took over his 2Gb nano :(

So now i have in my house the 1st generation nano and the 2nd generation. Waste money only -_-”

Lingster looks so excited having 2 nanos in her hands and i just couldn’t be bothered. Hahaha. When will i ever get my very own ipod :(


  1. I find it curious that the 8Gb Nano is still RM1149.00 and more expensive compared to the 60Gb iPod. Only in technology does size matter in reverse.

    I bought mine in Singapore. I was there. It made sense to get it while I was there. I wouldn’t buy one here.

  2. spore is definitely cheaper. i doubt msian price will ever reach spore’s.

    actually i totally overlooked about the 8Gb nano :P yeah the 30Gb is now cheaper than 8Gb nano. wonder if they will update the price of nano soon :)