The month of December 2006

I will never forget December 2006. It probably became one of the worst month ever for me in every aspect possible. I was more like whacked almost to death but left alive just to surfer. And to add insult to my condition, i was dipped in a pool filled with lime juice to enhance the pain of my wounds. That pretty well describes what i had gone through and why the sudden lost of appetite which resulted in losing three kilos.

Of course studies was one part of it but it has nothing to do with the subjects taken. It was more of who the coordinator of the subject was. Personally, i felt ‘that’ particular subject taken in second semester wasn’t handled well by the coordinator. Even though i have heard so much praises about him but i never once thought he deserved any. Problems after problems popped out. It started off with my assignment. The dateline was on a Sunday 11.59pm and the place to submit was his pigeon hole. Why in the world did he choose such a time and day ? Not like he will be waiting there to collect the assignment when the dateline is up. Furthermore, asking all of us to submit the assignment into the pigeon hole was ridiculous. That’s like having an overcrowded train.

With that, students ended up stacking their assignments on the pigeon hole box instead. Two weeks later the marks were released and 70% of the students were given zero. I didn’t care actually cause i was given 8 out of 10. But after a day, he made an announcement saying that the assignment marks will not be counted. His reason was simple, the cleaners threw away the answer sheets that were stacked up on the pigeon hold box. Ok that doesn’t really matter because a few days before finals, he said he would restore the marks and those who got 0 will be ‘somehow’ given marks. My friend who didn’t really bother handing up his assignment, was given 8.5 out of 10 for his ‘effort’. If that wasn’t bad enough, when i returned to Penang after the finals, i was called up by MMU saying that the paper was leaked in Melaka and all of us had to resit for the paper on the coming Monday. From what i heard, the coordinator of Melaka and he were suspended till the culprit was found. I am sure he is a nice man but i hope he would do better when he is the coordinator in the near future.

The next fella should be shot right in his face for being a smart ass. I have never spoken to a guy that confident, that even his wrong doings were nothing. I was given the idea of him being well educated and being proficient in English but it wasn’t case when he struggled to even construct a simple sentence while talking to me. He painted a great picture to the rest, especially to his female counterparts but some men could see it was a fake. I am not saying that all women are blind at times but that’s what men do to attract attention regardless if it’s for a positive or negative reason. Anywhere you go, you will definitely see men being nice to women but will only show their true colours in front of their peers and i am not excluding myself either. This is what this fella did and he caused a major headache for me. I wasn’t really happy with how he was ‘painting his picture’. He was more like that modern day ‘Big Bad Wolf’.

Of course i didn’t just sat and kept quiet while he went round blowing down houses. I had to make sure what he did, was really affecting me. And it really did. I didn’t care much at first, thanks to the first culprit who was giving me more heart attacks than a person who is actually suffering from one. So i kept my big cards till my finals were over. I later found out that he had gone through a similar situation as what i was and he was indirectly doing it on others. More like ‘cannot-lose’ attitude. He didn’t really care if others were hurt in the process of him laying down his plans. To him, his needs are important even if he has to compromise the likes of innocent people. I wouldn’t call him a bastard because i don’t blame his parents for bringing him into this world. So i will resort to naming him a f*cking asshole. I have never intended to use any vulgar language in my blog but this guy deserves every right for this honour.

I am glad that i was able to get through even when i had this two slowing me down in the month of December.