“Brawny” Alonso

While waiting for the F1 race to start in Sepang, Satkuru and I were up to no good. We were looking for something to keep ourselves entertained. Since we’re in the middle of a huge crowd with foreigners, we tried to keep low profile and keep our mischief to ourselves. Due to that constrain, I took out a postcard size flyer of McLaren Mercedes given to me by some sales girl in the main entrance of the grandstand.

I took out my trusty pen out of my handbag and started showing off my drawing talents to Satkuru. Just as I was about to get comfy with being artsy, Satkuru grabbed the pen from me and continued my masterpiece. Hmphhh, typical of Satkuru to snatch everything I’m having fun with. Haha. Just kidding.

Apparently Satkuru is a more creative artist than I am and he did most of the drawing. This is our masterpiece.

No offence to fans of Alonso or Mclaren Mercedes. The Kimi and Ferrari fans were simply bored of waiting.

Karma bit us in the butt. Iceman Kimi got third and the Spaniard Alonso won the race. All thanks to our caricature of Alonso.


  1. i hate to say this but i have to agree with you.

    anyway he seems to be a nice fella compared to alonso :P

  2. Hamilton not bad. I dun mind kimi losing to him ONCE IN A WHILE. as long as alonso dun end up on the podium then i’m happy :D:D:D