E-Nite 2007 – An Enchanted Night

E-Nite is back and for certain reasons i am pretty excited cause i don’t have to go through another U-Nite. E-Nite, probably the most anticipated event for any engineering student was held in the Palace of Golden Horses.

As usual, i never spent anything on clothes. I only forked out for my ticket. Lingster on the other hand had to, i mean not like she wanted to but was more like forced to do so. If girls tried saving money on something, they will eventually spend it on something else, ahem.

I reached there approximately 7pm and was kind of surprised to see less people than expected.

Lingster checked our table and no one was there. We waited at the entrance till the crowd picked up.

Finally about 7.30pm the entrance was buzzing with people around and flashes from cameras were everywhere. Besides dining and being entertained, prom is one of the only time where everyone gets to take photos with the peers, in style.

Unfortunately, my camera is an old 3.2megapixel ixus and even LiShih laughed at the condition of my camera -_-” Don’t be surprised to see off focused pictures in this post cause i don’t have much to pick from.

Sim, AhFai and I will be appearing in a cinema near you
Lingster and Lai Yee

Victor and Lingster

Khek Yang and Yee Kai

Pik Jian and I. Known him since secondary school. That’s right, we are both from
PFS- Panties For Sale

Lingster and Phei Phei

Suet Leng and Lingster

Sue Yen and Lingster

Lingster and Mei San

Lingster and Alan

Finally i have a picture >_<" Maxine, ME and LiShih
LiShih, Maxine and Lingster

Wei Loong and Lingster

Tyng Huei (E-King) and Lingster

John and Lingster

Khek Yang and Lingster
Jonathan and I. Current EngSoc president and got to know him better during CareerFair :)

The Lims ? Lingster and Chiaw Yin

Me and Duncan

Licia and Lingster

Lingster and Stephanie

Vi Vien, Lingster, Stephanie, Charng Yee and Alicia

Lingster and I sat in table 39. Together with us were Charng Yee & Wern Sern, Eng Ann & Vi Vien, Kheng Jin & his partner and Alicia & Hock Wun

Lingster and Alicia

Alicia, Lingster, Vi Vien and Charng Yee

More random shots of my table. Didn’t manage to group the guys to take a picture :P

Of course taking photos weren’t limited to the hall itself, people took photos almost at every conceivable place. Restrooms weren’t left out either, i saw a bunch of guys posing for the camera near the bowls >_<" Lingster too encountered the same scenario in the ladies. Hmmmm, more random shot ...

Chai Hui, Li Wei, Shy Jiun, Eunice (E-Queen), Saw Kim and Lingster

Lingster and Shy Jiun

Andrew and Lingster

Lingster and Kalai
I barely took any pictures. I was a part time photographer for someone, ahem -_-”

Lingster checking out on someone ? It was a common sight during the prom, girls looking at other girls. Guys on the other hand, don’t look at each other but look at girls too. More like a win win situation.

Lee Min and Lingster

Brian and I

Another pair of Lims, Lingster and Vi Vien

Zul and I

Ji Song and Lingster

Khek Yang, Chen Shang, Ji Song and I

Hooi Kiang and Lingster. I have known Hooi Kiang through E-Nite in Melaka. She was my assistant for security division :P

Most of the following pictures are with my friends whom i have known since Early Entrance Program, especially group B.

Sim Ee Wei – one of the few Penangites from Group B. Has shown me the right place to eat in Penang. I will never forget the time when he brought me and the rest to Sungai Udang and i told him, if it’s going to be disappointing, i will drive to Ipoh for chicken rice since i am already on the way. He guaranteed that i wouldn’t have to do that :P Love to have him around as he has always been jovial and because of him, i like to gamble … ahem. Peace

Didn’t expect him to propose to me on that night itself. Lingster was puzzled when she took the photo.

Okok, serious …

Tan Jee Wei – was the first person whom i made friends with when i first stepped into MMU. I remember him coming up to me and asking if i was the same person in his English tuition :P Most of the penangites in Group B are from Mainland. Only Jee Wei and i were from the island. We had to change bus either at the toll in Jawi or Butterworth before heading to the island. Ardent Man United fan and is one of the two people whom i talk about Man United. The other person would be Sue Anne :)

Gusman – People were already puzzled with my name and i was puzzled with his. Also part of the group B during EEP. Got to know him even better when he become my housemate in Alpha. He had a collection of … that amazed me. He used to blast his speakers with those weird noise and girls from the opposite block in Emerald Park would be shouting. I wonder if Chiaw Yin, MingChu or Vivien heard anything >_<" Also another fan of Man United and he has an eye for goals. I always hate to be the keeper whenever he is on the opposing team :P David Liow – one word, tall. Just like Gusman, he was also my housemate back in Alpha. I always admired his guitar skills. I am not sure if it’s you (David) or Wei Chung who played some tune over the phone to some girl on the next block and all of us monkey-ed around. One of the most memorable moments i can remember about him was F1. I think it was 2003 when i met him at the F1 Circuit. His father gave me a lift back from Sepang to Melaka but we had to stop at his house first. Nope it was nothing about the trip but it was the dinner. His mum prepared so many dishes and i was invited to dine. As i was eating his mum kept asking me to eat more and obviously i was kinda shy. Then she said something that almost got me choked, ” I cooked all extra for you “. Even david didn’t eat much and i had to finish at least of one the dishes :( That’s why now i fit well in my blazer, ahem …. jk jk.

Amri – Blame Canada, Blame Canada, Blame Canada. To those who don’t know the tune, check for old episodes of Southpark. Coming into MMU, i never had any friends who had slang and he was probably one of the first few, besides Adli. He had this cool Sony phone which could record your voice and use it as a ringtone. I know almost any phone can do that now but at that time, everyone was in the 3310 club and he wasn’t. I am not sure who or was it even me, recorded, “F*ck you” and left it as his ringtone. He never allowed any of us to touch his phone again.

Jee Wei and Gusman

3 hobbits and Gandalf ?

Another Lim, Nicholas – my ex room mate for Beta. Suppose to have a Kenari club with him but i ditched the idea and went for the MyVi club. Thought me a lot regarding softwares especially in photoshop. I realised everything he has, had to be systematic and in order. From desktops, to his table and bed. At times he is quiet but you have to know him well to know that he is one chatterbox. When my mum found out i was staying with him, she asked how come you have so many friends with the surname Lim ? Helped me so much in E-Run, especially in making last minute certs for the participants when we found out one stack was missing :P

Lih Ren aka Hitler – I used to call him Hitler but i thought it was inappropriate after sometime. Though he wasn’t in group B but we still had some connection from some where, can’t really remember how. Always made fun with my name and keep relating it to Japan and it’s suppose to be some girl’s name and all. Just for your information, he goes round disguising himself as V for Vendetta.

Jian – was Sim’s housemate in Alpha and that’s how i got to know him and also Eu Jin. In alpha, he came over to my place in EP and asked everyone to take off their shirts and stand in front of the mirror. After that he asked one by one to bend over in a hunching position. As one of us did, he laughed and asked, “You see that bulge over your left shoulder ???”. Victim replied, ” Ya, what about it ?”. He replied, ” You use your left hand is it ? ” and everyone burst into laughter. That night, i saw a few people trying out in front of the mirror by themselves to see if it worked >_<"

Lingster, Sim and Ah Fai. Speaking of Ah Fai, he was in group A if i am not mistaken but i used to drop by his room in Alpha cause Juon Wor was his room mate. Eventhough he wasn’t staying with us at that time, he still joined us whenever we had anything going on, eg. gambling, ahem. In Beta he always the one who will initiate all to CS or warcraft. Having the latest tech and gadget is a norm. Whenever i talk about something, Ah Fai most probably has it or had it :P

My camera has to be dead still and so are the people, to make sure i have a perfect picture and not like the one above. If you noticed Sim just zoomed in like Superman and i had so many people doing the Superman move. One or two is alright but having a bunch is an eye sore. I can’t even pick a decent picture of some of my friends.

One good example is this picture over here. Lingster was busy focusing on something else and we all decided to zoom in out of a sudden. What a bunch of useless heroes …. hahahaha.


Heroes ?

Jon and Colleen. Jon later on danced and won first place.

Jon dancing his way to first place …
Han Loon and Eunice. She looked stunning in gold. Everything was gold :P

Shy Jiun and partner

Eu Jin and Li Wei

In Xuan and Ravin

Definitely there’s some camwhoring of ourselves. My camera eventually died, i mean the battery ran out of juice and had to use Lingster’s faithful k750i to do the job.

Imagine this, i had 300 plus pictures and less than 100 are viewable -_-” Have to start saving money for camera fund.

To those who has E-Nite pictures, please send it to me :D

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  1. omg u really took pains to write that much… *salute*

    and the photoshop…*double salute*

    I’ve almost forgotten most of the past man.. You remember well.

    Nice post!!

  2. How can i forget when i forced to eat so much ? My mum would have personally murdered me if i ate that much at home. Hahaha.

    Photoshop didn’t seem to work well on my vista. So i resorted into using MS Paint … and it was a pain in the ass -_-”