Gotta Get Goals

I got tagged by David and i am suppose to list down 5 to 10 goals that i would want to achieve in my life.

This project is called the Gotta Get Goals project and to see the official rules, click here

Here they are:

1) To finance my 2 brothers in their tertiary education. Do all the first child of the family think a like ?

2) To setup at least one successful business.

3) Get my masters or take another degree.

4) Take my parents to any holiday destination but it has to be hassle free. Every single time they are on holiday, my mum would call back and ask is this ok, is that ok, have fetched your brothers, paid the bills, yada yada yada. So bringing them for a stress free holiday is definitely high priority on my list.

5) Visit Old Trafford and watch a match

6) To have an understanding and a horny wife … jk

My list goes on …

I would like to tag:

Wei Chung
Mei San