I would be lying if …

I would be lying if I’d say i don’t feel a thing about my friends going their separate ways soon. It has been bugging me these couple of days, thinking of the prospects of not able to see them again. And i am not saying this to only the people whom i have gotten close with during these past few years but i am also referring to the rest, even my hi-bye friends.

I would be lying if I’d say lunch and dinner are still gonna be the same. Next time around, i will be on my own for all meals. No more surprise outings, no more eating at funny places …

Time passes by so quickly that i never manage to bid goodbye to some of my friends. So i am taking this opportunity to wish to all my fellow friends who are graduating, all the very best in your future undertakings and good luck ! :D

To my fellow EEP members, Alpha 1 & 2 and of course Alpha housemates – thanks for being part of my life and i look forward in meeting up in the near future, hopefully.

Finally to my fellow Gayaz … i dedicate this short video to all of you :)

P/S: Lingster, where is my bak kut teh ler ? Five freaking years already and every year you said you will bring …. apa ler lu …

P/P/S: This marks the last entry on my blog with blogspot :(


  1. abang…. dun worry , cum i bring u eat klang bak kut teh okie ? you want eat chi kut teh also got.

  2. hahahaah mr ang, you also another one ler. last time also plan to bring me but in the end never bring. always say must get up early to go but tak jadi one.

    chi kut teh nice meh ? ppl go all the way there to eat bak kut teh, no ?

    come one day belanja me … :D

  3. eh, what u mean last post on blogspot? pindah where? leave me the link on my blog ya

  4. last entry! im just coming here! thanx for the link~ will do teh same…later when time comes.

    Yes, separation is painful, even more when you have to sit alone watching all the other groups with friends…:(

  5. yep ur right Sat, time passes pretty fast. and I’d be lying if I’d say I dont miss penang :-) Most friends indeed have gone separate ways but hey, No Worries. I wish you the very best too n hope to catch up with you!

    ps. Nice Blog :-)

  6. william: not shifting anywhere :)

    ghost particle: take your time ;)

    shao: heyyyy, it’s been a while since i have heard from you. how’s things down under ? yeah hope to catch up with you :D