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photo hunter

This is the first time i am participating in Photo Hunters. This time around the theme is CREATIVE and i come across this picture while digging my harddisk. Not to sure if a panaroma picture can be included :P

in and out

I always had fun taking panoramic photos but i never realized that i manage to take the outdoor and indoor as well at a Thai restaurant :) The picture was taken with a SE K750i


  1. Welcome to photohunters. Wish you a great and funny time with us. I like your first post. ;-) Happy Hunting and have a nice weekend.

  2. Welcome to Photo Hunters! Fantastic photo with both inside and out. Great take on this weeks theme and hope to see more in the future. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  3. Welcome to Photo Hunters! Youre going to love it!! I think you did very well with your first choice of a photo! Love the “creativity”! My photo is up please come and visit

  4. criz: it was taken unintentionally :P

    opal: thanks opal :)

    bengbeng: yeah i am looking forward for future themes ;)

    tina: thanks tina. glad you liked it.

    jams o donnell: i am already enjoying it actually :P

    Liz: thanks Liz :)

    kissedalotatoads: thanks for the compliment :D you too have a great weekend

    And Miles To Go….: haha yeap, i love that picture that even one point i used it as my banner :D

    mousey: thanks mousey ;)

    Amanda: thanks amanda ;)

    PowersTwinB: i have dropped by your blog :P and thanks for the welcome ;)

    eastcoastlife: you really have to try it. it’s really fun but at times could be a pain in the neck. you need to get the stitch right :P

  5. A.: thanks for the compliment :D

    Karen (Pediacast): :P thanks for dropping by karen. will be heading to yours soon ;)

    Drew: i wasn’t sure at first but thought of giving it a try in my first post :P

  6. I think it was a neat photo for today’s theme. . . very creative, intentional or not. One of these days i am going to try a panorama shot too. You have inspired me!

    Come and see my entry. Welcome to photo Hunters. . . I joined a little over two months ago.

  7. Dragonheart: thanks ;)

    Vader’s Mom: now that you mention it, it does look like the picture has 2 worlds in it :P

    Cats~Goats~Quotes: thanks ;)

    Teena in Toronto: will drop by yours soon :)

    meeyauw: you should try it !

    Turtles: thanks for the compliment ;)

    Jennifer: Glad you loved it. will be dropping by urs soon.

    Paulie: I am glad that the picture has inspired you to play with panorama. it’s definitely fun but also tiresome trying to get the photo stitched :P

    Patricia: thanks Patricia ;)

  8. Welcome to PhotoHunt! don’t be afraid if it’s panoramic or not. for as long as it is a photo. :)

    that’s a great shot by the way! enjoy!:)

  9. Haha… this is the ‘goodest’ photo I ever seen…. :D cos Ling is in da photo. GREAT JOB, Sat…. :)


  10. Shy: hahaha what happens if it was me in the photo? then it’s baddest photo you have seen ? :P

    thanks for the compliment, Shy ;)

  11. Haha, if it was you in the photo… Erm, it might be the _______. Let Ling fill in the blank… :D


  12. ahhaha…..i’m not going to answer that.
    btw, thats also one of the best pics i’ve ever been in. thanks satkuru.