YouTube dispatched a team of highly trained monkeys …

I was browsing through a few videos on YouTube when suddenly this error message appeared.


People over at YouTube do have a sense of humour and it definitely caught my attention :)

On the side note, tomorrow Malaysia will be playing against Iran and any guess on the score line ? Gallivanter did suggest another 5-0 thrashing and i won’t surprised if it happened again.


  1. i suggest Malaysia (-1) – (5) Iran.

    first game was 1-5 vs China,
    then it was 0-5 vs Uzbekistan,
    guess wat is will be based on the arithmetic sequel.

    LOL score own goal consider negative one?

  2. WW: neither have i :)

    saewei: hey saewei, taken note ;)

    wuching: hahaha looks like it, lol

    kahhowe: yes kahhowe, i was your classmate. surprised that you still remember me since you left after std 2 :)

    des: hahaha des ar, if score own goal then mah Msia 0 – 6 Iran :P