I am on WordPress 2.3

At first i was a bit hesitated to update, not knowing the consequences especially if i were to maintain my current theme and plugins. I was waiting for anyone to update and give a slight report on it. I came across 5Xmom’s post and finally i gave it a try.

For the most part of my blog, everything worked fine except the related post by Jerome which showed error. But a quick switch to WP 2.3 Related Posts and the problem was fixed. Luckily for the new option of importing Jerome’s Keywords and that sped up the fix.

So i am happy to say, i am on WordPress 2.3 :D


  1. hehehe later also nvm. exams first :P

    i think it’s great that they manage to include the tags. but i think blogs with multiple authors will have lots of benefit with the new pending review :)

  2. for me the best feature is the integrated tags you have in wordpress now. last time i was relying on a plugin. then besides that there’s a new update notification where they will let you know if there’s any update on plugins or new versions of wp.

    then if you have a blog with many authors, there’s this pending review. so the moderator and check and approve it.

    the other 2 features are the url clean up where now without www it will stil redirect to your blog and there’s a new advanced WYSIWYG under the writing section :)

    just upgrade only ler. but remember to back up your blog and database just in case. and also, don’t forget to deactivate all plugins before transfer :)