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The theme for this week is music. I think as each week goes, it seems to get tougher for me :P So the first thing that pops in my head are my two beloved Nanos. Most of my music is stored in there and it definitely keeps me entertained on the go. Unfortunately, a few months back my brother took one of it and so did my dad. Now i left with my notebook -_-”

I just can’t get my hands on the brand new iPod Touch. Or maybe the iPod classic with 80Gb/160Gb, it will definitely accommodate all my songs.

Have a great weekend everybody ! and Alvin, thanks for reminding me :)

ipod nano


  1. Great choice for this theme. Sorry that others liked your music Nanos so much that you don’t have them anymore. Time for a new one????

    Come and see mine.

  2. Two nice gadgets but unfortunately they are not in your hands now. At least you still have your laptop around… haha. Happy Weekend.

    By the way, please help me post up my link in tnchick. My internet line is down again for the 3rd consecutive weeks. I had trouble blog hop to other photo hunters’ blog as well.

    And also Alvin’s entry as I promised him to post it up but I can’t. He’s going to Seremban early this morning.

    Thank you in advance and I hope this comment goes through as well. **sweat**

  3. Wee!

    I’ll let you know how the new iPods look like today. I should be seeing them this afternoon! :D

    Btw, I am still having problem posting comments in PhotoHunt. Weird thing. Apparently I am the only one having this problem. -.- So post here instead, hehe. :D

    Here are the links to my two blogs:



    Cheers! :)

  4. ooo, i wanna get that itouch too! :D itouch is certainly my choice, big screen cool touch features lol… 160gb might be great but erm, personally i don’t have that much song to put inside neither haha

  5. Hey Sat. I have seen the iPods. Don’t like the nanos although they are really small. I feel it kinda imbalance. -.-

    For the iPod classic, it’s sealed in the box. -.- Have to go down Gurney to see it. Basically just looks like the 4th gen iPod.

    Unfortunately no iPod touch yet. :D I heard most probably by end of the month wor. :D

  6. criz: done that for both of you already ;)

    eastcoastlife: actually that picture was taken after they taken my nano. initially my bro took the white one first. so i got the black one and then my dad took it -_-”

    hahaha i know why your son is asking that as well cause it has wifi ! :P so he can surf the net while listening to music. but i understand what you are saying cause my mum probably would say the same thing :D

    conancat: yeah the big screen, touch screen and wifi are great features on the ipod touch. if only they could cramp a camera :P

    huey: actually from the site i see also, i wasn’t that impressed with the nano. what a waste. their previous design did suit the name nano. but they have to accomodate a bigger screen for the video.

    i can’t wait for the touch ! keep me update :D

    Bengbeng: :P i will do anything for my family, so i don’t mind giving them. now have to save money for the ipod touch -_-”

  7. I had a 4gb one first, but then filled it up, so now have a 60gb video ipod, it’s a bit too big to go jogging with, but I love it!