Photo Hunters – Paper

What do you think that caused that gash on my palm ? A piece of paper. I never noticed nor felt anything till i handed in my report with my blood stain on it -_-” The lecturer was kind enough to give an extra hour to hand in a new report since the previous one looked disgusting with blood smeared all over it. The papercut was there for 3 days before healing completely. So to everyone out there, handle your paper with care :P and have a great weekend !


  1. Hey…that cut looked bad. You better apply some medicated lotion on it. You know what, I almost read your fortune on your palm instead… LOL. Anyway, I think you had quite a complicated and bitter childhood but you are lucky to be able to excel well in your future undertakings. Good Luck then :)

  2. criz ar? like that also can read meh ? hahahaha. anyway my childhood has been like any normal kid :P nothing bitter and complicated. probably the maths question i encountered was complicated at that time kua, lol.

    yeah i did apply some medication. can’t afford any infection :)

  3. i got cut by paper countless of times dy… i once got cut by metal rulers.. so deep it was…

    on criz comment… (u like this also can see? so pro? i an speechless)

  4. Oh yes, the famous paper cuts! OUCH! That looks very sore — a speedy recovery is wished for you! Neat slant ont he topic. Come and see mine.

  5. Aha! I have experienced this before especially during my years in art college, and I really hate this. I mean, paper wasn’t supposed to cut. :/