plastic ferrari

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plastic ferrari
Not long ago, i blogged about my collection of ferraris; plastic ferraris. Shell had this promotion whereby when you pour a certain amount of petrol, you are eligible to purchase these miniature ferraris for a special price. I was definitely excited when i got my first model but i was really disappointed when i finally opened the packaging. It was soooooooo plastic-ish. Nevertheless, i still carried on collecting all 6 models :) This is the closest i could get to owning a SuperCar -_-”

This week’s theme is plastic and the spot light is on my plastic ferraris :)

Have a great weekend everyone !

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  1. Ooo my dad bought one of this too. He wanted to give it to one of my cousin living in the US, who used to be a boy and loved these car models. But not sure whether he is still into this now… Hehe. :D

  2. Whoa! It’s rare to find someone who shares the same passion as ourselves. I collect plastic toy cars too, but only Mini Coopers and Volkswagens (= Have a great day!

  3. Those promotional things become quite collectible and valuable later on! Nice to dream about the real thing! BTW, I am collecting information about wildlife around the world for my third grade class. If you would care to stop by and comment. Thanks!

  4. eastcoastlife: maybe singapore would have that promotion later on :P

    daniel: got got, yours is the fourth comment :P