Photo Hunters – Pink

It was during Valentines Day when most malls are decorated in pink. Lingster and i went over to Star Hill when we came across this setting. I can still remember clearly that there were so many people posing around and at times we had to…

OMFG, Kimi won !

Formula one couldn’t have had a better final race than this. Though i am a fan of Kimi, i never had much hope of him winning the title before the race. In fact, i told Lingster that if Kimi wins the title than he would…


Paintball in PISA

Last weekend, i had the oppurtunity to paintball with the rest of the shouters in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena). We were suppose to reach there at nine sharp but as usual, everyone was late -_-” This event was planned a few weeks ahead and…


Photo Hunters – Practical

I am really running out of creative juice ! I had to carry back eight buckets of water and to be practical (not sure if it suits well with the theme), i filled up two buckets at one go. Is that being practical ? Or…


Time Machine – 1994

It has been a while since i have blogged let alone surf the net. While blog hopping, i realized i was tagged by WuChing He wants to know if i had a time machine which year of my life would i like to return to….