How To: Change a flat tyre

So what do you do when you have a flat tyre ?

Call David

“What the hell man, why are the other two just standing around ?”

Just if you didn’t know this is Bernard’s car :P All i did was stand there and took photos, Bernard on the other hand stood there and watched -_-”

After a while Bernard realized he was suppose to help out, hahaha. So he brought out the remaining equipment and i carried on snapping pictures. I am so pathetic but at least i am providing them light whenever the flash goes off -_-”

I finally joined in after David loosen the nuts of the flat tyre. There’s no pictures after changing the tyre cause my hands were all greasy and dirty. I wouldn’t want to spoil my camera which is already in a bad state :P

So there you go, a pointless entry which doesn’t even explain exactly how to change a tyre but encourages one to call their friends to help out instead >_<”


  1. To unscrew nut from tyre, anti clockwise.
    Jack up car after nuts are loosen.
    Very important Info imho.

  2. yeah that’s very important :) i noticed a lot of ppl jack up first and they end up having a hard time unscrewing the nuts as the tyre spins around :P

  3. Call David! hahahhaha… I once had to change a flat tyre at the side of the highway. The experience was HELL. Imagine huge lorries and speeding cars…all honking at the same time. rofl

  4. chunhuey: if i do that right, i won’t be here tmr for sure :P

    keeyit: actually we knew how to change and david came along to help out. hehehe.

    voch: yeap that’s right, call David :P jk jk. wah that one sure tension gila man. hahaha

  5. Last time my fren’s 2 tires were slashed, we called a guy called Oscar, my uncle who is a mechanic and my father. Hahahha.

    I had to walk about 1km+ in heels in the midnight to the nearest public phone because all the mobile phone lines were busy (New Year celebration).

  6. nicktay: yeah. it has gone thru hell over the course of 10 years :P

    sansan: meisan -_-” hopefully you don’t get a flat tyre :P

    MJ: wah, slashed ? that’s dangerous. yeah everyone encounters busy line during that time. and you walked 1km+ in heels to find a phone booth ? :P *respect respect*

  7. hahahah no worries ler. the more the merrier. yeah it happened more than 2 months back -_-” now you know how slow i update my blog.