Celcom University

Welcome to Celcom University

Celcom University
I was walking towards the bank to withdraw money for the week and i got a shock on how the whole campus was invaded by Celcom advertisements. Every where the head turns there’s definitely an ad of Celcom.

Celcom University
The zebra crossing had a makeover too.

Celcom University
Previously there’s one or two hotlink ads here but now it’s taken over by Celcom’s and if that’s not enough, they even have a booth directly in front of the library.

Celcom University
Even faculty and admin buildings weren’t left out. Any strategic place that’s available, there’s an ad :P I didn’t bother to put up more pictures because i think you would get my point by now. Thank God the toilet bowls are left alone, if not they would have replaced that frog sign with the phrase ‘Shoot Me’ with their X logo with the phrase ‘X marks the spot’.

After all, this is a TM university :)

A: Where are you studying ?
A: -_-” See you ? where you going ?
B: It’s Celcom University
A: …


  1. OMG, i didn’t know there has been such ‘improvements’… If you didn’t know, they FORCED the tm scholars to buy a celcom simpack each. Otherwise allowance might be deducted, lol..

  2. at least they did a good job decorating our dull campus with colorful banners but i would prefer banners with sexy chicks than… btw who is that guy?

  3. victor: even the fcm cafe has ads all over. WAH, that i didn’t know ! Gosh how can they force ler? How much is the simpack ? Well better than them deducting the allowance :P

  4. steven: that i have to agree :P ads with sexy chicks would have been better. i am not too sure who the guy is but it’s definitely not the previous fella from MMU.

  5. WahSeh… I wonder how much the Uni masuk from all the ads placing.. hmm… Summore forced the students to buy simpack?? Wahseh.. Lagi masuk..

  6. OMG!! MMU!!! hahahahahah…man it’s been so long since i left that place. It still looks pretty much the same…apart from the purple celcom ads lah. Shouldnt blame celcom you know. you guys should find out which company put up the posters there. they’re the ones who sold the space to celcom, lol

  7. hmmm, mmu is a tm university right, so of course lah kena advertise tm products. and did you ever think, maybe mmu is not getting any payment for this? could it be that mmu is also ‘forced’ to accept these ads? there’s something to think about…. sucks though….

  8. narrowband: yeap kinda bad for those ytm scholars

    saewei: i don’t think the uni gets much as the uni is after all a tm uni :P

    twiggy: :P no intention to point the finger to anyone. was just merely sharing the change of scenery on campus.

    chee hsien: hahaha now wouldn’t that be intereting :P

    mudslinger: well what you say it’s true and not once did i say anything in a negative way :P i really pity the ytm scholars

  9. MerDurian: hahaha not lack of money :P the uni is part of TM. It’s MMU btw :D

    cdason: you have a point there, definitely changed the surrounding. yeah probably they over did it :)

    vivien: really miss the uni ? :P