Air Itam Laksa

Shell Laksa @ Farlim Penang

Air Itam Laksa
A few years back, i remembered Sim bringing me to this place in front of one of the Shell stations over in Farlim, Penang for laksa and i was told it was probably one of the best in Penang. But lately the stall disappeared and i never heard of it’s whereabout till last week :)

Air Itam Laksa

A few of us were hanging around Farlim waiting for the KL people to wash up, so we decided to have laksa first. And boy was i surprised when i saw the name of the shop. It was called Shell -_-” Hahaha then Willazz told me this is the very stall that used to be in front of Shell. Since they can’t operate there anymore, they got themselves a shoplot. It’s near the field where the pasar malam is in Farlim. I didn’t really get a good look for any prominent landmark -_-” If i have any detailed direction to the place then i will update again :)

Air Itam Laksa
Willazz :)

Air Itam Laksa
JJ – check out the people behind him. Probably they haven’t seen someone using DSLR before, ahaahaha.

Air Itam Laksa
Wendy :)

Then we went back to Ah Lok’s place to gather with the KL people. While waiting for Daniel to get ready, we sat around and took photos -_-”

Air Itam Laksa
Angeline :P

Air Itam Laksa
Firewire and Sae Wei :)

Air Itam Laksa
First row: FireWire, Daniel, JJ, Aaron

Second row: Wendy, Willazz, ME, Angeline, Sae Wei

Back: Ah Lok ! :P


  1. narrowband · February 1, 2008

    I saw that restaurant during my trip to Penang. I don’t know how good the laksa is there, but I’m just glad I didn’t go and have *more* laksa…

    Btw i like the fonts you use for your watermarks. Reminds me of disney… haha. But the strokes look like jap characters a lil.

  2. Huey · February 1, 2008

    Shell laksa? I thought there are only 2 good laksa-s in Penang. One opposite Peng Hua, another one in Ayer Itam market.

  3. wenDY · February 1, 2008

    Kirikuru! I didn’t get the pictures from the laksa outing! =( Hehehe, I shall storm Shell laksa again soon! =)

  4. Lasker · February 1, 2008

    Lalala .. wish I can go .. lalala .. wish I can go.
    So many things to eat, so many things to see, so many things to sense :shifty:

  5. SaeWei · February 1, 2008

    Gosh! I looked like i’m about to slap someone in the face.. So fierce can~ :S

  6. satkuru · February 1, 2008

    narrowband: i get what you mean, having the same thing over and over again will just make you hate it. hahah yeap it’s disney fonts :)

    huey: there’s so many claims that here and there are good :P i don’t really bother one, as long as it tastes good, i will be fine already :D

    wenDY: yikes, didn’t get ar. okok taken note.

    lasker: you always MIA one ler -_-”

    saewei: hahaha i thought u did slapped someone’s face before i took the pic :P

  7. ahlost · February 1, 2008

    so many leng chai and leng lui :P and I want to eat the laksa can?

  8. satkuru · February 1, 2008

    ahlost: come come let’s laksa :P

  9. BenjiPapa · February 1, 2008

    how come no my photo!!!!!?.. opppps im not there LOL

  10. wenDY · February 1, 2008

    I wanna join too! XD

  11. satkuru · February 1, 2008

    benjipapa: apa lar lu -_-” hahaha

    wenDY: join ler, the more the merrier ;)

  12. danielctw · February 1, 2008

    aiyer… i kena blamed pulak :(

  13. satkuru · February 1, 2008

    hahaha, poor daniel