Valentines Day – Behind the Scenes

Happy Valentines Day
Thanks to Chocolime again for this picture. In fact i used this very picture a year ago :P

Yesterday i had a brief chat with ‘someone’ *not mentioning her name* about Valentines Day. She was telling how irritating some people can be, asking her how come she hasn’t had a date for Valentines Day. In fact i concluded that instead of not getting any date, i was pretty sure she was busy declining the invites which actually turned out to be true =P

I wasn’t surprised at all because what i noticed about Valentines Day is that the ladies go out just for the sake of going out or simply because they feel obligated t. Just because the guy pesters her, she finally gives in and says,” At least better than not going out right ?” or ” He’s the best among the lot, no choice”. @_@

And as for the guys, they will be thinking that they finally got their break and hopefully from there on they can carry on with their pursuit which actually doesn’t happen in most cases. After all that effort, it ends as YET another dinner outing.

Of course i am only referring to those who are single. Probably 1 out of 3 people i know goes through the very same situation as stated above every year on Valentines Day :P So it wasn’t made up at all.

That aside, i would just wanna wish everyone Happy Valentines Day :P

Char Siew Fan
P/S: Weng Choong thanks for the Char Siew Fan @_@ HAhahahahaha.


  1. My Valentine’s Day sucks – you know why la. Although I made mistake on my side too, but special thanks to Firefly who never fail to give me unpleasant experiences. Rude staffs. I hate them!

  2. Wah! The picture making me drool already. I also want char siew fan now. LOL!

    p.s: Don’t go to Tony Roma’s for Valentines next time. The prices were a little ridiculous. Whopping RM20+ for the service charge. -___-

    But Kung Fu Funk was entertaining to watch if you’re a basketball fan though. :D

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Satkuru!

    Don’t be pressured into celebrating VDay, I see many girls, and guys too, being sucked into this every year. It’s just another day and the merchants are commercialising it for their own benefits.

    Others might disagree with me and said I’m married, that’s why I say such things.

    Your life is in your hands, not other people’s mouths. Why care what others think as long as you are happy!

  4. narrowband: hahaha yes yes, sometimes putting the expectation too high also no good -_-”

    esther: :)

    3POINT8: yeap yeap, funny right :P

    chunhuey: there’s always next year, don’t worry ya :)

    dannyfoo: wow, 20 bucks for service charge ??? how much you ate ler?
    that movie was nice? i given a No Go from friends :P

    eastcoastlife: that’s one heck of an advice :P and i couldn’t agree more with your last statement :D