Genting Trip

Genting Trip on Nuffnang Pajama Party Day

Earlier i was really looking forward for the Nuffnang Pajama Party till the elections were announced to be on the very same day. That made the people over at Nuffnang to push it to the following week which coincidently clashed with my Genting trip. On top of that, I have already paid in advance for the trip @_@ Jin Boone and Amy did ask if i would be there :( What a waste cause it looked really fun with everyone in their pajamas. Potong stim @_@

This was probably a break i needed before going into a grueling 2 months and then coming back to Penang somewhere at the end of May to shift to my new house. So i am gonna be busy busy busy for the next 3 months -_-”

Everything went perfectly as planned and i had loads of fun though most of the time i was on my ipod :P As usual, Genting was fishing cold !

Photos are courtesy of Hugo and Minny :) My DSLR was busy hibernating during the whole trip :P

Genting Trip
Ahem, it has been a while since i have rode this ride, the Flying Chair ?. Bringing out the child in me -_-”

Genting Trip
The flying ship where Hugo showed how to change lenses while fighting against accelerating G-Forces. Thank God none of his lenses came flying towards my face :P

Later that night, Minny, Ralph, Daniel and I went to the casino. It was fun teaching them how to play Roulette. Lesson learned was, once you are winning either you stop or continue with small amount and don’t jump to higher bets out of a sudden. As for me, my last chip managed to get me some cash which easily covered my KL trip on the following day :)

Genting Trip
The occupants of this particular room :) Group photo :)

Genting Trip
Candid shot :)

Genting Trip
Another candid shot :)

Genting Trip
Before leaving the place, we met up with the rest for a group photo at one of the gardens :)

Genting Trip
I seriously can’t remember posing as such unless Minny did snap before i was even ready :)

I had a bad headache throughout the journey and on top of that, i had to knock heads with Minny while sleeping in the car. A day before that i was knocking heads with Wendy. The next time i am going up there, i will have to bring my neck pillow -_-”

All in all, it was an excellent trip especially with the spontaneous decision making done prior to the trip =P

Arghhhhh it’s gonna be crunch time sooooooon >_<”


  1. Hi, Satkuru

    How are you?

    No wonder I have not seen a lot of new posts on your blog recently; you pegi genting highlands rupanye. It sure looks like a lot of fun!


  2. LOL!
    i think i was the one who knocked on your head ye?
    i was in such a deep sleep u know..
    siok giler.
    and we both look so OMG-COMEL in that picture

  3. amy: yes yes i had loads of fun ! :P

    daniel: we definitly did. next time we go casino again :D

    aaron: apa lar lu, ok mah, lol :D

    abas: hahaha yeahhh i had a break for one week. that’s why i was away from blogging :P

    eastcoastlife: you are totally right. the price for a simple meal is expensive @_@

    keeyit: yeap it was definitely enjoyable :D

    ren: oi ! apa macam ler. yes yes it has been a while. where are you now ?

    minny: of course it’s you ler, who else was sitting beside me :P yes ler i was also in deep sleep. the pain only came when i was in midvalley @_@

    william: cannnnn, next time i will drag you and your dslr along ok ? :D the more merrier :D

  4. willy: when i come back penang, we can go out for photoshoot too :P that’s if you are free ler, if you are tied up with ‘someone’ else then i understand, lol

    ren: oooo didn’t know you blogged until recently :P