I am moving :)

I am moving back to Malaysia

I am moving :)

Finally !

After 3 years having my blog over in the US, it will be moving to a server back here in Malaysia :P So in the next few days, there could be some glitches due to the propagation as well as transferring of data :)

I am very excited :P cause all this while loading my blog has been a pain in the neck. Hopefully this could speed it up a bit.

Thanks Bernard for helping out :) I am just tied up with my work for the next one week plus @_@ Once i am finished, i’ll belanja you ler. Hahaha


  1. Wow! Selamat pulang ke tanahair!! HAhaha… Local servers are much
    faster :p But then dunno how will it affect your overseas readers. Why
    wanna move back ar actually?

  2. bernard: come come to penang. laksa on me :)

    criz: i know, you told me so many times :P

    daniel: you are killing me with that statement ler, hahaha. next week you come ler :P

    logicyuan: weeee :P

    Everyday Healy: thanks for the warm welcome :D

    minny: lol that’s the whole point of putting such a title

    eunice: hey ! thanks :)

    narrowband: manyak thanks :P the main reason is because it’s definitely slower for me to gain access. i mean reallly slow. so i thought of trying out a local server. :)

    frederick: apa lar lu, you should be belanja-ing me ler. hahaha

    willy: aiseh you also another one. next week see if can meet up or not, lol

    julian: for the current package i got, i manage to get an additional 3Gb of space. i am not sure about bandwidth cause usually runs out by end of the month -_-”