Sungei Wang

Fashion Weekends

When my mum calls it’s either to inform me what one of my siblings have achieved or to ask when i am coming home @_@ And this time it was about my youngest brother … MUM: You brother appeared in the papers again … (local…

Photohunters - Unique/Funny Sign

Photohunters: Unique/Funny Sign

When i saw him wearing this shirt, i just couldn’t stop chuckling and i thought this picture would be a suitable funny sign if not unique. I have another picture where this Liverpool fan wore a shirt saying, Hate Manchester United and Love Liverpool but…

Enchanted Night 08

MMU Enchanted Night 2008 @ Marriot Putrajaya was quite disappointing @_@ That’s the only thing that i can say about last Sunday’s prom night. The food was terrible, the deco was out and somehow i felt there was no flow in terms of the program….

SO Bday Bash 08

Shout Out’s Birthday Bash

It has been 2 years since ShoutOut existed and this time around Lasker and Elise decided to throw in a buffet dinner for all us. We were all overjoyed, so we did the next best thing …. we jumped -_-” And it carried on like…


Kek Lok Si, Laksa, Ice Kacang

Last Saturday before Shout Out’s birthday bash, Elvie asked if any of us could show her around in Penang. At first i didn’t know who else she called to meet up with her. I was still in bed when Elvie said she was an hour…