Kek Lok Si, Laksa, Ice Kacang

Last Saturday before Shout Out’s birthday bash, Elvie asked if any of us could show her around in Penang. At first i didn’t know who else she called to meet up with her. I was still in bed when Elvie said she was an hour away from Penang. Moments after that, Wendy too decided to tag along, lol.

We waited in front of City Bayview for Elvie before heading straight to Farlim for laksa.





yummmmmy :P

Elvie gave a miserable 6.5/10 for the laksa. Wendy on the other hand added extra spices on her own, LOL. After that we didn’t know where to go, so we ended up going to Kek Lok Si. It has been so many years since i have gone there and i can’t remember a single thing @_@

One of the main halls and probably the biggest i think. I saw so many people snapping a picture of it so i tagged along. Thankfully it wasn’t pouring when we were there though part of Penang looked as though it was gonna have a heavy down pour.

Tortoise Sanctuary

We came across a pond filled with tortoises and a lot of people were feeding them with vege which was conveniently being sold there.

Up Up and Away ....

We saw this tower which we ended up climbing right to the top when we were there :P

Gorgeous Architecture

There was this huge place where the walls around it were all beautifully decorated. It was all over, even the ceiling :)


Before reaching the tower, we came across this huge bell and all of us took turns to bang on it. Elvie went first.


Of the three of us, i think i was the most tension-ed. I kept looking left and right if there’s anyone and after i rang the bell, i ran off -_-”

Wendy - the dungu-fied face

Then it was Wendy’s turn. The picture looked like she was wishing for something while ringing the bell, lol :P

Nokia to the rescue

While my DSLR got hijacked, i used my trusty phone to capture pictures. After all, i did start off taking pictures from my Z800i which made up more than half of my photo gallery. But at the rate i am going around snapping with my DSLR, it should dwarf that amount in no time :)

We then climbed the tower i mentioned earlier. Flights of stairs just kept on appearing one after another @_@

Group photo :)

There weren’t many people up there so we decided to take a group photo :P


Since the weather was scotching hot, we ended up at Penang Road for a bowl of ice kacang and cendol. And if that wasn’t enough, we then went for Pandan Coconuts before heading home to wash up and rest. Later that night we all went to Shout Out’s Birthday Bash which i will write about in the next entry :)


  1. add my own spice your taugeeee la!
    Lala~ next time you come we go again la okie!
    Dunguuuuuuuu.. prawn prawn prawn ahhh!
    Last weekend potong stim-ness! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..
    btw when Indian Temple trip ah? XD

  2. Nice place, nice pictures. I haven’t been there for years already. Next time, if I went to Penang must visit this place and take some pictures!

    You so soong, can go with those lengluis. :)

    Where did you rest your DSLR for the group photos?

  3. WOW, cool outing. Never been there b4 altho I’ve been to penang like thousands of times. LOL

    and y is wendy look so “bo-song” when she’s eating laksa? hahaha

  4. Y didnt c any pix of “Guan Yin”. 4 yr ago when im there, the “Guan Yin” still under renovation, so cant have a close look on it…

  5. leonlee: lol where do i even start ? :)

    aaron: next time come penang, we shall go :D

    iCalvyn: the taste was nice :P probably they were seeking for a different kinda laksa i guess, just like elvie.

    chunhuey: you always sit infront of your iMac, sure ler won’t get to try, hahaha.

    wendy: oh yes, potong stim @_@ LOL didn’t expect it ler. indian temple trip some more >_< ” apa lar lu

    daniel: yummy yummy :D

    esther: agagaga, i damn tension ler that time, LOL.

    minny: aiseh, i am the thorn pulak. hahaha.

    neo: yes yes there’s plenty of places to take photos :D me very soong ar? LOL. actually at the top of the tower there’s like an opening in the wall where you can place the dslr :P

    waiseng: next time you should go :D why she look bo-song ? cause moments before that she added her own spice into her laksa, agagaga.

    amei79: hahaha good question :P when we were there, it was still under renovation with stilts all around it. so we too never had a close look on it :)

  6. swt… my face so oily geh.. photoshop it first lah T^T
    my skin is same with satkuru when wendy’s beside..hahahaha..

    thanks for tour guiding and all those funs ya ^^

  7. wenDY: smacked? you dare is it ? waiseng she wasn’t posing ler. hahaha

    LogicYuan: LOL you are right ! it’s a love affair :P

    fattien: thanks :D do drop by penang for laksa in future :D

    elvie: aiseh, now you damn daring already ar, no thanks to wendy, LOL. i am not good at photoshop -_-” oh no problem, it was my pleasure ;)

    eunice: you can have it anytime mah, lol

    meisan: LOL, come come to penang :P