Kenko & Yo! Sushi

What does Kenko have in common with Yo! Sushi?

It was a Friday and it was one FISHY FRIDAY. Weng Choong knew i had no classes so he appeared in Cyberjaya for a game of squash. This is what i call ‘semangat’. Hahaha. He was so enthusiastic that he drove all the way from Seremban, lol. 5ive minutes into the game, i pulled my hamstring -_-” Ridiculously unfit man me. But somehow i managed to pull through and play a few more games before hitting the showers.

Then we headed off to Pavillion.

Before Pavillion, we stopped by at Sungai Wang to donate some cash, lol. Hence the result of the picture above. No no it has nothing to do with me buying Hello Kitty items, it’s way beyond that. Thanks David for the explanation :)

Bernard called us up and said he would be late cause he was stuck at Midvalley for Careerfair. So i suggested to try Yo! Sushi since Shaz was telling me so much about it the other time i met him. Mind you, i had a hard time taking the plates off the belt. Simply because the price isn’t similar to Sushi King. The most expensive plate is 16bucks :P So half of the time, we were referring back to the colour chart, lol.

As usual i took the normal sushis that i would always take. This time around i also tried their soft crab temaki since there was a promotion for temakis. It was kinda spicy for my liking. I didn’t take much picture here cause i was trying to save my battery for later on.

The place we were sitting was exactly in front of where they would slice just about anything and so happened it was time for them to slice this bigass fish. There’s definitely an art in cutting a fish and this fella did it in a manner where he left everyone in awe :)

Bernard was still stuck in Midvalley, so we decided to catch a movie first. After waiting for 2 hours plus, Bernard finally appeared.

Weng Choong and Bernard in front of the entrance of Kenko. The main reason we were in Pavillion was to try this. I have read it on so many blogs and i thought why not give it a try since the last time i was here someone ‘jual mahal’ and didn’t go in the end -_-”

For 38 ringgit not only do you get to experience fishes nibbling your feet, you also get to show what a fool you are by giggling non stop throughout the process :P Even with signs all over asking patrons to be quiet, i guess it’s close to impossible for any of us not to laugh.

Obviously before dipping your legs, you would need to wash them. I asked Bernard to wash his legs so that i can snap a picture but instead he decided to show off his leg -_-” Apa lar lu

The moment i dropped both legs into the pool, fishes started nibbling :P It was freaking ticklish i tell you and it takes time to get use to it. The pool is divided to 2 sections. One is where i started off where majority were small fishes and a couple of big fishes.

Weng Choong attracted most of the big fishes, agagagaga :P

Bernard and Weng Choong staying still while the nibblers do their job. We also played around by purposely lifting up our legs out of a sudden. That will make the fishes swarm to the nearest pair of legs and in this case, Weng Choong was always the victim :P

If you noticed the pool behind us, that’s where the bigger fishes are. We went there 5 minutes before our time was up and i tell you those last 5 minutes was torturous. I had to keep myself composed if not i would have blurted out laughing non stop. On my way out, i found out there’s even a full body fish spa @_@ Imagine the fishes nibbling off the wrong parts. Still can’t imagine ? Nipples for instance @_@ LOL. Now wouldn’t that be interesting -_-”

Me and Bernard before leaving. If you didn’t know, Bernard is a week older than me :P

After Kenko, we headed over to Damansara for steamboat which i will post up in the next entry :)

Between Pavillion and Damansara, my battery for my DSLR went flat @_@ And it was sooooo potong stim. The best part was my charger was back in Penang, hibernating -_-”


  1. Haha! How to keep quiet ler like this… I feel like wanna try it out also. But I’ll probably laugh and run away. @.@

  2. this entry is kinda irony
    at 1st ur guys eat fish (sushi)
    then later on ur guys let fish eat part of u =..=

    but will like to try yo sushi n the fish spa if got chance~

  3. maxine: hahaha LOL damn bad ler you :P

    chunhuey: probably you will kill the fishes ler. you will be kicking the water :D

    wengchoong: siao ar? hahaha :P

    wenDY: you just had to write it here right, knock your head ler XD

    bernard: hahaha yeah !

    lihren: that’s why the title is as such, blek !

    minny: they are adorable for sure :P

    jason: seems like it’s becoming a trend :D

    willchua: oh yes yes, the freshness !

    neo: you should try it one day :P