Photohunters - Self

Photohunters – Self

To be frank, being behind the camera most the time doesn’t actually give you much opportunity to be in a picture, let alone have a picture on your own. These pictures represent me and my fellow committee members of an event in my university. As…

Fish fish fish

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

Miss Pam Song, i know ler my score like cow only hahahaha. And how does playing more computer games gonna help me ler ? Come come teach me can ? Not too long back i tried playing this fishing game by Hong Leong which was…

Photohunters: Shoes

Photohunters – Shoes

All these years my shoes have been the usual monotonous coloured ones but this time around i tried something different. It has army kinda motif around it rather than the plain one coloured pattern But having the pattern alone isn’t what i look for most…


Glory glory Man United !

I just couldn’t help it Probably the most nail biting match to date ! Manchester United Champions of England and Champions of Europe ! Yeah it’s a super short update and i have lost my voice @_@” P/S: Sivanesh thanks for the ride


In a different timezone

It’s not easy adjusting your body clock when everything has been changed upside down. Night becomes day, day becomes night. All this will last for another week before i head back to Penang. Life here isn’t that all wonderful especially when the sun sets. Weather…