Fish fish fish

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

Miss Pam Song, i know ler my score like cow only hahahaha. And how does playing more computer games gonna help me ler ? Come come teach me can ? :P

Not too long back i tried playing this fishing game by Hong Leong which was promoted by Nuffnang and here is my first attempt -_-” As pathetic as it looks, my score kept howering around there and God Fish knows how in the fishing world did some even touched 30k plus. Anyway i will update my score if i do break the 10k duck -_-”

The only good thing about this kinda score is no one would copy the picture. Thus no need to watermark the score >_<”

Speaking of fishes, i totally forgot to publish one of my previous entries and since it’s related to fishes i thought it’s best to publish it together.

Many moons back, on one of the Fridays, Weng Choong was back in Cyberjaya to shift his things out of hostel and before he left, he took a few of us to Serdang for lunch.



… and of course Weng Choong

It has been a while since i have eaten here and i have no idea how to explain to get to this place. It’s famous for it’s Yu Tao Mai Kar Yu Watt – Fish Head Noodle with Fish Paste

You can feel the fishness when they serve you and in my case, they brought another bowl of fish soup with fish paste in case i needed more >_<” The fish meat were huge huge chunks and it’s soup was very lemak-ish @_@ So much for exercising >_<”

If that’s not lemak-ish enough ….. Bernard and i ordered …

Fatty Rice – Nasi Lemak

I still prefer the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry from Dengkil. The one from this shop was so-so only but then again i was really hungry and anything goes :P

So where next ? Weng Choong showing off his Jogoya VIP card -_-” Someone should get smacked ler. Kia go Jogoya and thanks for the cap and pastries from Greece. Hohoho.

What a Fishy Friday ! :)


  1. joshuaongys: lol doesn’t matter what camera u use as long as there’s nice pics to see and the gif u do are interesting :P

  2. Haha. Maybe all the computer game playing’ll cause you to click faster in the long run and help you catch more fishes leh??? You never know. =p

  3. Matthew: LOL never thought of that :P

    saewei: me was hungry :P

    cheemin: when coming back ?

    keeyit: yeah it was nice :D

    bengbeng: hahaha very rare do i get bored with nasi lemak XD

    neo: if only i was back in kl :P

    chunhuey: i am also not a fish person but it’s really nice. go try :P

    jason: one year ar? >_< ” hahhaahaha too long loh

    hp84: i was bloghopping and ended up at urs :P and yes i do play futsal :)

    iCalvyn: i used kitlens to snap :)

    pamsong: you have a point :P maybe i should play counterstrike again -_-” hehehe