Glory glory Man United !

I just couldn’t help it :P

Probably the most nail biting match to date !

Manchester United Champions of England and Champions of Europe !

Yeah it’s a super short update and i have lost my voice @_@”

P/S: Sivanesh thanks for the ride :D


  1. Chelsea should have won…they hit the crossbar twice,1st was drogba then lampard..penalties, it was terry’s fault.
    anyway good season for mu!
    next season,chelsea will be stronger cos this season ballack came in after 8months out for Bayern Munich aswell..klinsmann taking over
    hehe =]

  2. aaron: yes let the party start !

    noV: yes it definitely was !

    joshuaongys: glory glory man utd !

    jessT: LOL for sure bising, it’s champion league ! lololol

    ryck: heyyyyyy ! yes yes they won !

    wengchoong: LOL stimmmmmm !

    daniel: ala …. potong stim lar you. hahahaha :P

    anston: you are a chelsea fan ? :)

    gajen: both played equally :P well we shall see who takes over :P

    dolphin: oi arsenal fan ! mana pan mee ???