bang wall

Now everyone can fly and sleep

I am pretty sure most of you are familiar with the announcements made on a plane prior to departing and landing. One good example would be, “Ladies and gentleman please fasten your seatbelt as we are about to takeoff/land”. Its so common that everyone knows the drill.

A few months back i was on a flight heading to Penang. It has been a routine for me to sleep off during the flight and just as i was about to doze off as others were getting to their sits, the captain of the plane made an announcement.

“Ladies and gentleman, this is a kindly reminder. Please do not fasten your seatbelt, i repeat do not fasten your seat belt …”

As the captain was making that announcement, i was like, ” What the fish ?”

“… because the plane is currently being refueled.”

Never have i heard such an announcement so much so i was wide awake for the next few minutes rather than plunging into dreamland.

Beside me was a man from Bahrain whom earlier had chat with me about his country and the F1 circuit. And on the window seat was a donkey …… a donkey on his cellphone.

I am not sure what was he thinking but if the captain has already warned us about NOT fastening our seatbelts then it should have rang a bloody bell in his head that there could be a certain amount of danger while refueling. With this moron on his cellphone, people around him became worried. I myself had one foot on the aisle …. just in case that donkey catches fire out of the blue.

The foreigner took the liberty of asking him to end his call.

Guess what that fella replied ?

“This is Malaysia mahhhh, we can use handphones in the plane.”

The foreigner looked at me, seeking for confirmation.

“It’s that true??”

… i being so tired and sleepy, murmured ..

“Nope, you would be executed ..”

By the time i wanted to say the right term which was prosecuted, he already turned the other side and so i continued my journey to dreamland.

“You heard that? You will be executed !”

That fella ended his call and gave a stare at me. Obviously i didn’t look directly at him. I pretended to be asleep but i could see his reaction from the corner of my eye -_-”

Now EVERYONE can fly :) That tagline is so very true. In the last few years on AirAsia, i have encountered sooooooooooo many kinds of people. It’s not a bad thing though, LOL. At least i am able to see different people from different background doing one similar thing … which was flying on a cheaper fare.

There’s once i sat beside a grandma whom kindly offered me Char Koay Teow :P That was way before they got strict with no-outside-food-or-drink policy. Another one was before the elections. There was a debate on how certain states should be ruled and they mainly focused on Penang. The debate was between an old man with two ladies. The old man was saying Penang should be ruled like Singapore and the two ladies thought otherwise, since Singapore was a nation by itself. The debate got so heated up that the head steward had to step in to cool things down. hahahah mind you, these people don’t even know each other and yet a debate stroke in mid air. Everyone else besides those three people were stone cold quiet. LOL.

This is what i call first class entertainment on air.

Now every Tom, Dick and Harry Abu, Ah Chong and Raju can fly …

Actually i can go on writing about the various encounters i have had with different different people on AirAsia but i am already fishing here in front of my notebook. So let me wrap things up.

Just a few days ago, i got all my mails from home and as i was going through, i found this :P It’s a complimentary stay at at any Tune Hotels (there’s only 2 now, one in KL and another one in KK).

Thank you so much Joanne :)

P/S: I wonder what’s Tune Hotels tagline … “Now everyone can sleep ? “

Yes yes i shall go bang wall -_-”


  1. ROFL..
    Darn hilarious when u go telling foreigner that u’ll get ppl think malaysia so ganas. =))

    i’m blur with the refuel and not fastening the seatbelt announcement. sounds weird. looks like it’s to let u get ready to run if any chaos happened. @_@”””

    indeed, everyone can fly..and it’s not safe. @_@

  2. jess: wow so early ? :P i am guessing you have a paper at 9am ?

    LOL yeah i think that foreigner must have thought, wow use cellphone on the plane and you get executed :P the refueling part is true cause i heard the same announcement a few weeks later :P yeap you are right cause you wouldn’t know what might go wrong. i realized the afternoon flights will be refueled in between and that’s when i normally hear the announcement :D

  3. wengchoong: let go tension mah, hahaha. thanks thanks :)

    wendy: hahaha yeaps it’s this story again LOL :P

    jason: surprisingly he did, as much as i wanted to correct it i just let it go ler. hahaha :D

  4. i like ur style of writing! and indeed u can find many types of ppl in air asia.. but still, i cant help but to take their cheap flights~ :D

  5. yooohooo!!! broda!!! hehehe… farnie wehh!! good thing i get to release my stress abit!!! arghhh!! =D *cheerz* keep in touch!!

  6. im taking A-Asia to Bali this August.. let’s see what funny things i can blog about ya :)

    yes please bang the wall before i chair u :P
    “Now everyone can CHAIR” :good:

  7. You are indeed need to go bang wallll… Hahahaha.. OMG!!!!!!!!! Now EVERYONE Can Be Executed! Scary sialllll… :S Rofl….

    And you with your dreamland… you can sleep just anywhere can’t you… Now that’s the sweating part… -____________-|||

  8. cbenc12: thanks :D oh yes same here, i too can’t help it and i have stopped taking bus altogether :P

    andrew: hey hey :D LOL glad that it did, i released my stress by writing :P keep in touch and all the best ya in your finals :D

    neo: LOL, personally i can’t believed my ears when the fella said msia can use phone in the plane :P

    waiseng: hahaha save it then you also can use :D

    elvie: now everyone can chair pulak -_-” oooo going bali is it ? well see if you can see any funny things or not :D

    saewei: wahahah how come i never thought of that, now everyone can be executed :P

    eh me is flexible one ok, hahaha. when i need to sleep i will definitely sleep :P LOL

  9. Unfasten so you can run in case of fire ma… I encounter that before, they told the reason too :P For tune hotels, it is like… “Now everyone can sleep in 5 stars hotel” instead… Hehe… Something hard to do (Like fly?) that’s why AirAsia use fly, 5 stars is not simple for some people too…

  10. LOL, this is so funny. I can just picture this “monkeys” face when you said he would be executed. I’m all for this law myself. idiots who use cell phones on planes should be thrown out in flight. Hehehehe…

  11. wong: lol yes. that’s the reason why i dun understand why did the fella on the phone click when they did that announcement :)

    F1 circuit: Hahaha, couldn’t agree more with you :)