the Harp

Dunhill brought classical music to my ears

Just got back from Redang and i am still swaying around as though i am still at sea @_@

I was never a fan of classical music and i remembered how my dad used to play the cds that he got from Reader’s Digest and i would go bonkers. In fact at times i would show tantrums *the joy of being a kid* just to get the song changed or the cd player switched off.

But all that slowly changed and i started to appreciate classical music but not to the extend where i go gaga over it.

During my younger years i remembered how much time i wasted sitting in front of the tele box watching shows after shows on either tv1, tv2 o tv3. There’s one particular session where i definitely wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world and that’s the Dunhill Double BlockBuster. Every Thursday and Friday i will be glued to the tele watching what ever they had to offer and i tell you those movies were top notch, i mean for that time ler. It brought the world of time traveling to me and it made a strong impact that i even asked my dad why aren’t we going back in time when the speed of the car touched 88, lol. If you still haven’t got any clue what was i talking about, it’s Back to the Future. Besides that, Robocop was another one which i followed religiously.

So just like those movies, Dunhill brought Johann Strauss to my living room. I remembered vividly that it was shown for 4 weeks on every Thursday and Friday. After a quick check on wiki, i found out that it’s called “The Strauss Family” and it’s a seven part mini series. The storyline kept me on my toes for the whole month and that’s where i learned about sibling rivalry :P The song that caught my attention was composed by Johann Strauss II and it’s called The Blue Danube.

For some reason, i didn’t manage to video record it like what i did for Back to the Future and Robocop. The song was never heard again till a decade later when p2p was widely used and i somehow stumbled upon the song. To those who have no idea what the Blue Danube is, here’s a sample :)

Speaking of classical songs, a few weeks back i attended the Harp in French Music which was organized by the Penang State Symphony Orchestra & Chorus which was held at Dewan Seri Pinang. I didn’t manage to catch the first part of the show and had to stand at the entrance till that particular piece was finished.

Before the show, i was at the ferry point waiting for Dolphin to appear from the sea but because of rough currents, she took longer than expected. So while waiting, i got bored and started snapping random pictures at a nearby construction site.

Was suppose to go on a food hunt around Penang but time didn’t permit. We barely had half an hour before the show and we rushed to a nearby mamak stall to have dinner. Dolphin ordered their speciality which was torn roti canai with chopped chicken. It tasted something like scrambled murtabak, lol.

I on the other hand, ordered Garlic Naan and Chicken Tika. So filling our stomaches, we dashed off to the venue. When we reached there, the first part of the show was already on the way and no one was allowed to move around in the auditorium. The late comers had to wait at the entrance till that piece finished.

When we finally got in, we choose the sittings which wasn’t too far from the stage and waited for the show to restart as it went into an interval. The whole show lasted till 10pm and the arrangements of the songs were really ear pleasing. The only ‘potong stim’ part was the small kids running around in the middle of the show and one particular kid ran up and down the aisle i was sitting beside with a plastic bag. Now how annoying is that, with the sound of plastic bag being introduced into orchestra. They should ban all kids for this kinda show or simply cage them outside till their parents finally noticed that their kids were no where nearby. But overall the show was good and i would really look forward for more show like this in the near future. Futhermore the price of the tickets sold were reasonable. In fact, they even had student price.

After the show, we met up with some of the participants in the orchestra itself. Dolphin met up with her coursemates and friends :P

Chen Seng and Stefan so happened to be my ex-schoolmates and they both were in the orchestra :)

This Sunday will be meeting up with ‘the Gayaz’ for Beauty and the Beast Musical @ KLPac. Anyone out there going ? :)


  1. “… i was at the ferry point waiting for Dolphin to appear from the sea but because of rough currents,.. ” <— ehem.. u wan me to whack ur head to feel the double ‘swing motion’ onot?

    “They should ban all kids for this kinda show or simply cage them outside till their parents finally noticed that their kids were no where nearby.” <– u’re evil can.. cage children plak.. swt..

    btw, ChenSeng is not my excoursemate yet la.. :P

  2. My first live encounter with classical music/orchestra happened when I was in S’pore. Working with a multicultural non-government non-profit organisation gave me the opps of getting free tickets to really good performances and I can still remember the soothing and nice feeling when the music just flowed through my ears. :D

  3. dolphin: right now also i am having a hard time coping with a single swinging motion and you wanna double it ? @_@ yes me is evil, the kids should be caged, hahaha. yikes that was a typo :P

    chunhuey: wah so lucky :P and yes the soothing sound of the strings can really send good vibes :P

  4. lol that shots make you drool already ? you already coming back to msia right, go bombard murni with your orders :P

  5. nahhh..Kuru is not tall just the guys were shorter than him nia.. :P

    BTW, how come you look so thin out of the sudden keh???? diet ahh?

  6. Hi there Satkuru. I was browsing around and saw your blog.

    Then I came along this familiar face… Stefan! We were tuition mates for about 2 years.

    I was wondering if you have his contact/blog/site?

    p.s. I’d added your blog link at mine. Cheers mate!

  7. saewei: hahahaah yes me not that tall :P thin meh that pic ? still fat as ever, hahaha :P

    jessica: oooo another strauss fan, lol. i can listen to blue danube over and over again :P

    andrew: hey there :) i am not sure if he has a blog but i will email you his details, eg. facebook, email add. hope that helps :D

  8. hey hannah :) not to say often but off and on we would try to gather for an outing if time permits :P