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Project-T: Ho Liao Team Strikes Back

UPDATED: A lot of people requested for the full video, so it’s finally added at the bottom :)

Finally EURO2008 is here !!! And i am pretty sure there’s gonna be lots of people going to work or even class with panda eyes or maybe skip it all together if they have the chance. During these games, people usually gather around at mamak stalls but i on the other hand rather watch it at home with a bunch of friends and Mister Potato in my hands. This definitely doesn’t sound like me at all but trust me that’s what i do most of the time. With the hike of petrol price, watching at home definitely is the better choice and i won’t be surprised if price of mamak food does increase anytime soon.

For most of the time, i would have 2-3packets of Mister Potato for a match. Hahaha i do eat like a wood chipper when it comes to potato chips >_<” and it’s all the better since Mister Potato is currently having a competition for those who collects the most seals or pouches. These seals and pouches are then exchanged into football points where you can redeem prizes later on. And the prizes are eye poppingly crazy !

For the 30 top football points collector, they will receive a Total Football Tour at Manchester, England ! This includes the Stadium and Museum and it’s worth RM 15000 ! @_@ So stim can.

Besides that, there are also monthly prizes to be given away which are autographed football jerseys. So this doesn’t just limit to Manchester United fans, you can also win a Liverpool or even a Chelsea jersey :P

Recently i have been chosen to be part of Project-T and my group, Group Ho Liao had to come out with an idea on how we could get a lot of pouches and seals to stand a chance to win the trip to Manchester. The ideas that we brain stormed are then assigned to each individual and come out with a short video. Knowing that we are scattered around Malaysia and will not be able to appear all together in a video, we decided to have a packet of Mister Potato as our link.

It starts off with our Ho Liao boss, KY giving ‘blessings’ for us to start the video, hahaha. Okok the real deal was Muzaffar *another Ho Liao boss* wanted to know how could he win the trip to Old Trafford and KY will explain to him with the help of his 5 Ho Liao members *coughs* Thomas comes in with his brilliant idea which was to go on a Mister Potato diet. By doing so, he would be able to consume more Mister Potato and collect more pouches or seals. The funny thing is, Thomas is already sooooooo THIN ! Hahahah. Now that, i can’t wait to see :P Kevin on the other hand was gonna do it the old fashion way, which is to steal Mister Potato. Not one but a few Mister Potato. I mean when you steal also must think BIG and going for one would be ‘potong stim’. While trying to escape, he stumbles upon someone whom he knows and that would be the climax :P Foong’s idea was her son demanding Mister Potato, hahaha. Wouldn’t that be easy for her ? LOL just wait for her son to finish one pouch by one pouch and in no time she’ll be flying off to Manchester. Debra …. where do i even begin with her idea hahahaha. Just like a kissing booth whereby you pay to be kissed, Debra will be going on dates in exchange for Mister Potato, lololololol. Obviously one pouch isn’t gonna do the trick, so it depends on how much the date is willing to offer :P … And finally me …. >_<”

My idea was to photocopy the pouches and seals @_@

Yes yes PHOTOCOPY @_@ *KY i am so gonna strangle you for this idea* I am gonna photocopy the pouches and seals in hope of getting myself to Manchester. LOL

The description above is in NO particular order :) So do check out the video for the overall view and this is my part for the video. Kinda potong stim cause everyone did super long duration and mine was up within 20 seconds -_-” Oh and mine is in Tamil, hehehe.

Please bear with us as this was done in a super duper short time and it was during weekdays -_-! Hohoho

Episode 1: KY Speaks
Episode 2: Yapthomas
Episode 3: Hamlet’s Hero
Episode 4: Satkuru
Episode 5: Foongsite
Episode 6: Debfong
Episode 7: Sultan Muzaffar

“When you think football, think Mister Potato !”

UPDATED: A lot of people requested for the full video, so here it is :) Do remember to drop by the other member’s blog to see what they have done to get their part ready for this 5 minute video :P


  1. wendy: oi laugh until that ?!! bad bad bad :P

    debra: goodness, oi i was watching football match can -_-” constipating some more *sob sob* i know ler my acting skills like cow only. hahaha :D

  2. kevin: LOL where can assume like that, just acting out only. hahaha :P

    KY: -_-” that’s my sis, lol

    Foong: yes i do understand :D i look blur ? LOL :P

  3. Each video got their own language version!
    Great Idea.
    You trying to a Joga Bonito where you kick the ball from one place to another.
    Then ended up the mister potato is in Old Trafford.
    But who will go to Old Trafford for the last shot =P

  4. aaron: lol thanks :D

    andrew: KK also nice nice :P

    aaron@crapster: huwahhh do that means sure die man. hahaha. but now that u say it, i also remembered joga bonito passing the ball around :P

  5. nice nice.. hee.. i saw another blog which they’re also using some funny and weird way to get this potato chips.. haha.. it’s giving a hug and a kiss for those who give them a pack of chips.. and of course girl is not included in this action.. hehe.. =D

  6. huifen: huwahhh give hugs and kisses is it ? lol ganas. yeah all the groups must come out with unique ways of getting mister potato :P

    neo: cannot ? i just tried it just now and it plays :P i think youtube is going under maintenance @_@ wasted

  7. Eh your blog URL wrong leh at the end of the video. LOL. And and, Mister Potato in bottle is nicer than those in packets! :D

  8. i see where you get those fats from d…
    too much mister potato d la, dugunggggg…
    and i still crave for dimsum cannn!!
    i’ll tell u what i think of this video thru msn la.. lazy wanna type d..

  9. yesssss…now we all know where Satkuru got his fats from.. wuakakaka.. and jessie.. NOOOO.. he doesnt only woodchips during the football seasons!!!!! :P :P :P

    And I still think you should say something in the video!! MURTABAK!!!!!!!!

  10. KURU …
    receipy of mister potato

    Potatoes, Edible Oil (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized Palm Olein), BBQ Fkavour, Natural Spices, Soy Sauce Powder, Sugar, Salt, Malic Acid And Contains Monosodium Glutamate as Permitted Flavour Enhancer (E621)

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size per Package: 4.7
    Serving Size: 18g
    Energy: 102kcal
    Protein: 1.0g
    FAT: 6.4g
    Carbohydrate: 10.0g

    Product by MAMEE, Made in Malaysia

    a month a packet a day =
    FAT = 198.4g
    (if only a serving a day of 18g of mister potato)

    KURU WAKE up !! fat Ter TEr ning la …

  11. chunhuey: yeah i noticed the url wrong :( lol but nvm loh last minute work some more :P the bottle one is nicer is it ? oooo me shall try :P

    neo: lol finally :D

    dolphin: you so gonna get it ler. lu is jaga. dim sum ar? lol can also :P oooo give comment on msn ? @_@ lazy dolphin ler you

    saewei: huwahhhhh where got eat everyday lerrrr @_@ hahaha why all the ex convent butterworth attacking me @_@ i should say Murtabak ?? hahaha might as well keep quiet ler me, lol

    nath: oi oi, still better than mamak or McD right, lol. eat once in a while good mah. blek :P

    nath: yes dolphin just only prego, that’s why eating like there’s no tmr. hahaha.

    9pek9bo: heyyyy uncle ernst :P LOL now that would be a major bummer if i do get 2 photocopied tickets. HAHAHAHA. lolololol good one :P

  12. CELAKA MIA!!!!
    NATH, u so gonna dieeeeee d! ROARRR..
    dugung, u tooo!!!
    i dont care, dimsum ON YOU!!!!
    anyway, i had chapati in the morning! :P

  13. kuru: lalalalalalala ….. McD at least you can choose what to eat … but this it is just mister potato… mamak eat tosai better than potato chip neh … mamak and MCd got variety, mister potato only got variety of flavours .. lalalala …

    Angeline: Wahahaha .. so gonna kanasai by you if i see you.. *meow …

  14. eh eh eh i have liverpool’s new jersey lo..i went to anfield last week!! bwhahaha. here for us a bit easier to watch the match i guess..cos starts 8.45pm mah

  15. angeline: dim sum on me pulak …. me not printing money ler, lol

    nath: you just won’t give up, hahahaha.

    hooiching: oi apa lar you. tempting is it ? @__@

    darshini: thanks thanks :D

    vivien: oh like that ler aries friend …. aiseh, hahaha.