Arigato Lasker & Elise

Thank you to the Saw Family

By direct orders from Miss Cheah, i was told to thank Lasker and Elise. I don’t have the faintest clue on the occassion but i am gonna try my best.

Lasker and Elise ….. Thank you for the angpow that i am receiving for next year’s CNY.

The End

Hahahaha actually the main reason for this thank you note is to show my deepest gratitude to both Lasker and Elise for their time that they have put into their creation known as ShoutOut. I have met many friends thru this little yet powerful app and i can say it’s really growing by the bandwidth as time flies :P

I can go on typing on each and every sector that i can think off to thank both of them but i am sure Lasker and Elise will understand what me and my fellow comrades are doing. Hahaha. So thank you and hope to see SO grow exponentially in the future and also hope to see Saw Juniors soon, wahahahaha :P


“Behind every great man there is a great woman”


  1. Thanks you for your kind words, Satkuru :)

    Aiks .. how come Satkuru also post my pic one .. eeeeee … paiseh laaa swt

    Angpow only collectable if you can catch me on CNY! :D:D

  2. kuru zai, thanks for your kind words.

    Angpow, like lasker said, catch us during CNY…first come first take. hehe..

    **i like the photo…

  3. lasker and elise: dun care, still can fedex the angpow, lol.

    daniel: HAHAHAHA yes very fatherlyyyyy :P

    saewei: lolololol potong stim some more :D

    angeline: lai u plan, lol

    jason: ganas so many ppl want angpow liao

    aaron: hahahaha come let’s storm his house