Photohunters - What is that?

Photohunters – What is that?

I have been asked numerous times what my header actually is and i would like you to guess what is that :)

It’s actually part of the mortar board where one wears during graduation :P

Still lost ? Don’t get what i meant ?

LOL this is where you will normally see the dangling part from the mortar board :D

Have a great weekend everyone ;)


  1. aaahhhh so that’s what it was…i thought it was from a handbag or a new phone strap…hehehe..

    Pearl – happy weekend

  2. Love it! Not often the detail of a mortar board gets recognition and yet it has such a serious, important role to play!

  3. Cool – You got to use the theme to answer a question you have been asked repeatedly. Nice trick. – And nice header, I like the way it streams across the page.