Policeman didn’t like my name

I was on my way back to Cyberjaya when i decided to floor the accelerator of my car. The road was an alternative route and it’s usually empty especially close to midnight. Just as my car was accelerating up the hill, i saw blue and red lights flashing. My eyes literally popped out and i stopped chewing my gum.

I slowed down my car as i approached the road block …

… just that very afternoon my mum called to say that one of my nuffnang cheques was already cashed in and i was thinking, well there goes that money -_-” …

Police: Lesen dan IC ( license and identification card) …

I handed over to the officer while i tried to give those pitiful look ala Puss in Boots from Shrek -_-” which obviously failed big time when i knew i was speeding like a donkey.

Police: Kenapa tak diberi nama Johnny ke …? (Why weren’t you given the name like Johnny?)
Me: Eheheheheh *giving those dumb grins*
Police: Siapa bagi nama kamu ini ? (Who gave you this name ?)
Me: Bapa saya (My dad) swt
Police: Bapa bagi ??? Bila kamu ini balik kampung nanti, pergi marah bapa. Tanya kenapa tak diberi nama macam Johnny … (You dad gave ? When you are back at home, scold your dad. Ask him why weren’t you given the name like Johnny)
Me: Ehehehehehe *dumb grin routine again*

He returned my IC and my licence and i drove off :)

For the first time, instead of cursing while driving back i actually smiled :)

So as how my sister was let go because she’s a doctor or rather soon to be doctor, i got off because the policeman simply didn’t like my name -_-”

As for the record, the policeman that spoke to me was a very nice fella and just kept cracking jokes while talking to me. I guess it’s very rare to come across such situation :P

Moral of the story ? Have a name like mine and not Johnny …

P/S: … thankfully i wasn’t singing like what i did last time, if not God knows what will the policeman say this time -_-”


  1. lol….ur name is kewl wert…apalah that stupiak policeman…next time speed up to the road block and smash it with ur batman vehicle XD

  2. lol…
    next time i shall call u a different name. Let you make the choices okay? Would you prefer…
    1. johnny satkuru? or
    2. satkuru johnny? or just
    *runnzzzzz and hidessssss…


  3. loyalreader: LOL my batman mobile some more :P crash into the roadblock? hahaha they are armed ler. :P further more my so called batmobile doesn’t have a good top speed compared to their cars :P

    apathy: it definitely was :P

    chunhuey: not that i want to -_-” happened last night only some more, hehehe.

    angeline: oi -_-” yes you should hide …. seriously hide i tell. you iz gonna get it :P

    anna: hahaha yes ! if not can cry wei

    william: aisehhhh laugh until like that :( lol

    wengchoong: hahahaha after your child would be as notorious as me than how ? rofl

  4. lolx u got batman car? u mean kenari?? LoLx
    bahaahahaha.. hey I really want to see ur puss in boots face weh, must b damn cute.. kakakaka..

  5. this is ridiculous. who does tha cop think he is to ask u questions like that?

    gosh, what I’d say to him if it was me he asked


  6. Hello, I’m TZ… just dropped by via Weird Weird Daniel blog…

    I think Cyberjaya police was too bored… needed someone to talk to because they hardly could see people @ night… muhahaha :-p

    Anyway, they just stopped u and checked ur IC… strange!!!…

  7. Wat la.. the least that he could do was respect ppl’s name~. But it’s cool you took it cool. You should anyway. Better than the ubiquitous david.

  8. No I think the moral of the story is ‘don’t drive like a typical Malaysian just in case you end up dead or worse cause the death of another’