Redang – Finale

Thankfully when i was in Redang the only time it rained was at night and probably drizzled a couple of times in the day. So none of our activities were jeopardized by the weather. One of the snorkeling spots that i liked was the marine park. Though some may say it’s overrated but i think for individuals like me who hardly snorkel let alone swim, this place is definitely a must-swim-location :)

With the white sandy beach stretching as far as your eyes could see and not forgetting the different shapes of fishes swimming in that area, no wonder this is one of the main hot spots for any tourist.

The guards had set up a perimeter around the beach and that’s as far anyone is allowed to swim cause any further than that, you could be easily drift off no thanks to the strong current. And let me stress that if ever any of you were to drop by at Redang, just get yourself a lifejacket. Regardless whether you are good swimmer or not, the jacket definitely helps a lot especially when you are swimming against the current. You wouldn’t want to look like a dog yelping for help …. lol

If you are lucky enough the people in charge of ferrying you over would bring loaves of bread. Obviously there’s a reason for doing so which is to attract fishes. During our stay in Redang, the resort brought us to Marine Park twice -_-” So the second time around, instead of swimming i walked around snapping pictures … and also threw pieces of bread to scare the daylights out of anyone :P

William too decided not to swim and brought his alpha as well. At one point he actually fell into the water -_-” and if wasn’t for his quick thinking, his DSLR would be fully submerged had he not lift up his hand with his camera as high as possible. Clumsy pot :P

Before leaving Marine Park, the rest did a few LOA pose (LOA – Lack Of Attention). hahaha and William was showing them the pictures for approval.

Besides swimming and canoeing, we also played a couple of in-house games like dart, pingpong, jenga … :) The next two pictures are courtesy of William :)

One of the most ‘potong stim’ moment was when Dolphin insisted we play scrabble. I mean who in the world goes on a holiday and crack their head over a word-making game ? Obviously the answer is those gila people in the picture above. Best part was the board wasn’t even scrabble, so the point system was different. Nevertheless, Dolphin who initiated the game got thrashed to the point where i just stopped the game instead of continuing. hahaha. You wouldn’t want a emo-dolphin during a holiday trip, it’s a big NO-NO.

Then i was humiliated in a game of Congkak #@$%#$^#. Revenge revenge …. -_-”

OH and did i say there was a Karoake room in our little resort? It wasn’t too fancy but it had all the equipments which could even put some Karoake outlets to shame ….LOL that was exaggerating -_-” The collection of songs were kinda old but it was better than nothing.

The karoake room had a battle languages. One group sang all Chinese songs and we sang all English songs, mainly Westlife. Yes yes very the sad case but what to do, the list didn’t have Flo Rida or Kanye West …. not even Cold Play, LOL. I didn’t last long in the Karoake Room, so i went back and slept off :P

I have been asked sooooooooooooo many times where are the chicks in bikinis and to answer that, i am gonna post one miserable picture -_-” LOL turned out that most pictures weren’t clear so i rather not post it up

Codename: Dark Horse, i am pretty sure those who were in Redang had no clue why was that name given, LOL. So it’s story telling time: Aaron, William and I realized there’s always guys surrounding her wherever she goes and thus making an assumption that they were all after her. So i teased Aaron, saying, ” Eh you could try and you can be the dark horse” Hahaha and from there on we just referred her as Dark Horse.

So with three of us all equipped with tele lens, the dark-horse-club was formed. Real sad case man three of us. So to those who would want to join the club, feel free to do so, LOL. You will be known as a Dark Horse Hunter once you are in -_-”

That’s Redang and i hope i didn’t miss out anything cause i am doubt i am gonna write another entry about Redang :P

Wonder when’s the next time i am ever gonna set foot on Redang


  1. DARK HORSE HUNTER reporting in!…

    i have no idea what the ‘seeee, nice or not’ shot was about edi lor… forgot what pic i took of them also.

  2. Once again me was being tabled.
    I wasn’t even aiming at her in that photo. lol~
    Never mind I got used to it.

    Next big one is coming! Time to renew passport! :D

  3. neo: lol too lazy to walk down from our room :P

    aaron: hahahaha, probably i should have put the picture where you and william were actually sniping :P yeahhh next one coming soon :D

    hugo: lol bali straight away, ganas ganas :P

    geeky: i haven’t been to perhentian :) i heard that island is nice as well. probably i should try to slot it somewhere next year :P

    cbenc12: lol thanks :D sexy indeed :P

  4. *big big eyes ala Puss in Butts in Shreks, looking at Dugung…

    “Let’s play Congkak again? ”

    The reason I suggested scrabble cz that’s the game that can involve everyone maaaa eventhough I knew I totally sucks in it. LOLOLOLOL~

  5. hahaha u try and see, i’ll find for a chopstick.

    mai congkak ler … i suck at it -_-”

    ahem sure or not ? or you wanted to see my awesome-ness, lol. yes ler i knew you were trying to get everyone involved :P

  6. as far as i’m concerned this trip damn long ago dy right? LOL

    nice hot girl anyway :D but so little pics..i’ve expected more..lol >.<