Sae Wei and Firewire

Love is in the air

It has been a month since Sae Wei’s and FireWire’s (yes that’s his real name LOL) wedding and finally i have time to write about it. I was told to hold on before writing but the fact that my entries are all backlogged, it didn’t really matter :P

William and i drove from Cyberjaya towards PJ to fetch Angeline and Evelyn before heading over to Wangsa Maju where we met up with Aaron and Daniel

We were there quite early, so early that we had breakfast at a nearby coffee shop ala Old Kopitiam. After forty odd minutes, we were told that Firewire was on his way to pick Sae Wei. So we gathered at Sae Wei’s place and waited :)

Before we left for breakfast, we met up with Sae Wei. She had a few people doing her make up when we reached. As usual those with cameras starting snapping around. Angeline and Evelyn on the other hand prepared a few obstacles for the bridegroom before he is able to take Sae Wei :P

Firewire and two of his relatives had to do numerous things before being allowed to be near the door. Nothing comes easy in life :P He had to eat pau which is filled with wasabi, remove a rubberband from a pail of ice water using his foot, wear stocking and a few more silly things … but somehow one of his aunts sounded us LOL and told to let him through :P I just love to see the comotion cause by the elder folks :D

He was eventually allowed get Sae Wei from her room. In the room he was given a final task, which was to say I love You in a few languages. Firewire was so prepared that when he was asked to say it in Thai, he did it without any hesistant :D Ganas ler :P

We were then all brought over to Firewire’s place for the tea ceremony :)

When i reached his place, i quickly switched over to 50mm after realizing the rest were all on their kit lens and i thought of trying to shoot everything with 50mm. It wasn’t easy but most of the picture turned out better than expected. I didn’t have the chance to capture the tea ceremony cause there was just too many people standing in front of me :( Hung Wei did point out something about the picture above which was try not to include any photographers in the picture :P LOL

Kids were trying to get to know them so in future angpows could easily be obtained, hahahaha.

William and Daniel :P

The reason why i couldn’t fit everyone into the picture was because 50mm is a fixed lens and it’s doesn’t zoom out or in. But the main point is to show how cheerful Sae Wei and Firewire are :D

Sae Wei calling her ex school mates for a picture :)

Convent Butterworth …

After the tea ceremony, we photographed Sae Wei in her room. William was really in his element and all i did was stand from afar and did some random shots :P

After like twenty minutes, Sae Wei decided to change her attire …. and so we waited for her

… in the mean time we glanced thru pictures taken before her wedding :D

William as usual trying to laugh at his own jokes, hahahaha.

After changing, we continue taking pictures of Sae Wei :)

Again William was in the zone and he started adjusting here and there for perfection

The ladies had other ideas while waiting for Sae Wei to set herself properly :P

After the photoshoot, we then adjourned for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant which wasn’t far from his house. I barely took any shots there cause i was busy eating. The stage was open to anyone who would like to karoake and a few brave souls just did that, sing …. really respect them :P

Sae Wei and Firewire, thanks for the invite and both of you have a great marriage life ahead ! :D

P/S: Just got back from Sunway for Charng’s Farewell and i realized everyone had something to talk about either relationship or crushes that they are having :P and here i am blogging about Sae Wei’s marriage. I too found out not too long back that my Apple Sifu is gonna become a dad soon :D

P/P/S: Malaysia might have a radical change soon …. :) Anwar has really spiced up the politics in Malaysia. Never had i being so interested on what’s happening with both parties :P Is his landslide victory at Permatang Pauh could be the beginning of a new era ? :)




    congrats again to saewei & fire!
    btw, i laughed at the ‘william making his own jokes’ part.

    u seemed to tease him alot in this post. ahahahahaa

  2. so sad case ler…
    my kor and my jie din tell me they got married even after 1 month. *sob*
    had to find out in FB when william posted the pics.

    Congrats and best wishes to my jie and kor… =)

  3. jessT: LOLOL fun mah, william also so sporting :P

    jeannie: ola ola :D

    AA: that was you is it ? aisehhhh hahaha :D

    chunhuey: yeahhhh i realized that after you mentioned -_-” LOL thanks :D

    angeline: wasn’t is it ? hahahaha but nevertheless, it was fun seeing her there :D

    david: lol thanks for the heads up. friend’s wedding mah, so i thought why not snap around :P of course i wouldn’t dare take up as a official photographer in any wedding, major noob like that :D

    blurjess: yes all hail 50mm, so ahem waiting for you to get yours only, lol

    cbenc12: lol thanks :D

    H e n r i c k: Ola mr henrick, lol. and why do you say it will be on a saturday ? i am curious :P

    crazywrazy’: hahahaha why ler u wanna know when i am gonna get married ? definitely not anytime soon :P