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MMU Convocation 2008

So last weekend was MMU’s convocation and i was there to help photograph for William. I reached the Grand Hall close to 12.30pm which was when the graduates will be allowed to leave. The place wasn’t as pack as previous years where part of the buildings surrounding the Grand Hall wasn’t fully completed.

I met so many people, those who have graduated years back and those who are still in MMU.

For the first time, i tried editing using photoshop. Previously i have only used photoshop to watermark and resize my pictures. Since William and David had been telling me how they have used PS (photoshop in short) to edit their photos, i thought of giving it a try. I didn’t do much except play around with the filter to get the effect of the first picture you see in this entry.

Back to the convocation, as much as i wanted to snap a lot of pictures i returned with a disappointing amount. Neverthesless, i i think it’s more than enough to have an entry written.

William and Harry

As i was browsing thru my pictures, i stumbled upon this and noticed someone familiar. The graduate on the left is Sim’s brother if i am not mistaken :P

Other than Valentines Day, Convocation is the other day where flowers are overpriced -_-”

…. and also soft toys -_-” LOL

This is a common scene in any convocation. When i was at UM’s convocation last Thursday, a lot of graduates got thrown into the air :P

Jonathan was kind enough to help me snap a few pictures of me and my fellow friends, thanks man :D

Pik Jian and Jessie. Last week while i was waiting at a TM Net center in Bayan Baru, Jessie actually stood beside me and called me a few times but i was too busy daydreaming into space until i got nudged from my mum -_-” LOL thousand apologies Jessie :)

Sue Anne was also there. Lingster and her MGS girls were all there for Sue Anne :)

William, Calvin and KingYu

For once William was in need of a stool

JinBoone was also there with his *coughs* D80. aiseh. LOL

The Ever Ready Aun Pein :P

Finally everyone is ready :) WengChoong and Bernard M.I.A -_-”

William was saying how can he not take a photo with his photographer, lol :)

That was for the first day of convocation which consisted of Engineering and Management students. The next day i dropped by for a while to see Jess who was graduating from the IT faculty. Sunday was meant for Engineering students from the Melaka side and IT students from Cyberjaya campus.

Steven and Jess :)

Alvin and Satwinder over at the DJ-booth :)

Sue Anne and her sis were there too :)

Steven – in the middle of everything, lol.

I was barely there for 20mins before i had to leave. So sad. If not i would have had gone round taking more pictures.

To those who have graduated recently, from both UM and MMU – congratulations :)


  1. william: lol no problemo :)

    aaron: i haven’t seen the shots i took for UM one -_-” but i think probably cause that day like kinda gloomy, lol. but i thought with flash should be ok ?

  2. aiks…i wish i can attend the convo. which is like a Big gathering~~

    seem like everyone is using DSLR cam, are you ? *envy*
    i wish i could get one soon. :)

    btw, nice photos.

  3. cheemin: when you coming back? yeap i am using one, you should get also ler, lol. thanks for the compliment :P

  4. cheemin: next year only return is it ? ganassss. i am using canon 400D :) lol dun wonder wonder ler, go try nikon and sony alpha as well :P

  5. thanks sat for coming to my convo and have a glimpse with some snapshots~ know u’ve been busy busy buzzing around. :P


    p/s: nanti i send you us punya pics after i get you ‘cleaned’.. :heehee:


  6. wow cool… well for my convo (is that a convo? LoLx) i was just waiting for my dinner.. “can i eat yet… can i eat yet.. -.-|||” and after everything finished, the dinner didnt satisfy me also! =.=