Park responsibly

Park Responsibly

I was walking with my mum and sis towards our car in Queensbay mall just to find out some dodobird did an illegal parking behind our car. In fact one of the guards was already waiting there, anticipating some comotion. I tried reversing but there wasn’t enough room to get out of my parking bay. If that wasn’t frustrating enough, another dodobird parked right beside our car which was meant for trolleys and that made my getaway even harder.

So at that very moment my car was only able to reverse straight back, without being able to turn.

By then i have already caused a massive jam on floor six and seven. Within minutes more guards and parking personels appeared. They themselves were furious at how ignorant some people could be. They tried paging the owners via PA system but as you and i know, NO ONE LISTENS to those announcements.

After five minutes, they decided to move one of the car ….. manually.

The car behind was a Proton Wira and the car beside was a Daihatsu Charade.

As they were moving away their bikes, a few people who got stuck in the jam actually walked up to see the problem. One fella even decided to help the rest.

They checked the Wira and found out it was Auto and thus harder to move. So all of them gathered at the Charade to move it to the left.

By then more people have gathered behind my car to watch them move this car and i tell you, it wasn’t pleasent at all. Cause as they moved the car, cracking sounds were heard and my sis actually noticed part of the front bumper gave way. I am not sure why that happened but after moving the car a few times, i was able to pass thru with ease :P

It was the most stressful twenty minutes of my five days break in Penang -_-”

Thank God for Penang food, this kinda incident can be overlooked :P The three of us ended up at New World Park feasting away on Char Koay Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Yam cake, ice kacang … :)

Hmmm this explains why i am gain weight by the minute whenever i am back in Penang >_<”

Moral of the Story: Please park responsibly. You wouldn’t want to see a cracked bumper when you get back to you car wouldn’t you.


  1. chunhuey: hahahaha padan muka ppl, LOL :P

    hooiching: yeah, weekends are the worst. drive round and round, burn oil only -_-” :)

  2. I seen some ppl who are frustrated, went out of their car and give those stupid ppl a lesson by scratching their car with the carkeys. memang padan muka those idiots, lol…

  3. Ndmervin, it depends… some brainless guys do that.. i encountered this before, i moved the entire row of motorbikes out of the way so i can reverse.. all 20+ of the bikes… i was soooo tempted to smash the car’s windscreen.. all TWO of the cars

  4. I miss Penang food soooo much la…
    KL mia ‘self acclaimed’ ori Pg food all tak boleh makan mia…
    *Why am I focusing on the food more than the main point???* LOL

  5. how to clamp, if they clamp, then the poor “victim” still kenot come out….
    i’d say…tow the dodo bird’s car somewhere else..if auto….lagi padan muka….just let tow saja…..HIS gearbox “goes” one…

    OR…can do like what this ahbeng did at this mamak i was at last time. The ahbeng wasn’t in the wrong, oso kena block…so he horn his car hoping the dodo tht block his car will come out….since the dodo tak mau come out…ahbeng simply smash the window, lepas the gear and push the car away…

    of coz we all buat tak tau la….coz in this case it was the dodo’s bird fault wht..

  6. jason: hahahaha yeah i think that’s why so many ppl have encountered their cars having scratch marks :P

    jess: yessss frust man that fella park like that. lol come penang and makan :P

    cheemin: give you face only, lol. actually i have showed laksa so many times, that’s the reason why i left it out :P

    elvie: …………….. want to die is it ? -_-” eh if i dun sit in the car, then who gonna drive ? blek

    Ndmervin: LOL, but in this case it was a guy. his working badge was hanging on this rear view mirror :P

    william: what the fish ??!!! u moved 20 bikes ? goodness, i would have smacked that car ler, lol

    daphne: hahahaha chubyy pulak, lol :D

    anna: bad bad, go off topic some more :P

    cbenc12: yeah they should probably tow the car off one shot :P

    racoon: WOW, i mean WOOOOOWWWWW ! that is one awesome comment, lol. i can imagine the details you described, LOL. amazing experience and really, that ah beng damn ganasssss. hahahaha

    jess: sure or not ? LOL

    firewire: hahahaha penang got plenty :P