Failed to renew


A few days a go i joined my fellow comrades in the ‘PHAILED’ regime, simply because my site was down. William was the first to say, “Satkuru, you iz phailed” -_-” In fact i have renewed it more than a week before the expiring date but a miscommuncation with the webhosting company cause it to be down for 96 hours in some places.

So to those you were so nice to actually drop me messages asking where in the world is my blog when you only see a weird looking page, i thank you for your concern :)

I have so much to blog about but everything seems to be backlogged because i don’t have enough time to write >_<”

For the time being, let me share with you a few of the ‘phailed’ moments that were captured in the past few months :D

Hung Wei failed in focusing

I failed in setting my camera in the right settings that it made this picture look like there was an enormous explosion -_-”

LOL i wonder if you all noticed what’s wrong with this picture :)

P/S: Go watch WALL-E ! It was better than i expected, seriously. Two thumbs up. Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


  1. angeline: what’s the other reason ? :P how come i am not aware off? lol

    william: lol yes u iz no phailed, that’s why no tyre picture, hahahaha.

    jess: i didn’t reveal who was that wor -_-” lol

    hannah: well i left the shutter open for too long and that’s the end product, hahahaa. jess and steven even laughed at me when they it on the spot :( hahah pass resume some more, lol

    anna: hahaha you know who is that?

  2. i saw that when i came the other day.. n i was thinking, eh, i got the URL correct wor.
    and i tot u kena hacked, like me last time..
    thank god u got ur domain back!