Photohunters - Beautiful

Photohunters – Beautiful

Many a times, the adjective ‘beautiful’ has been reserved for only man and woman …. and also non living things like cars, houses, etc. Very rare would you hear anyone complementing on a plant let alone a tree.

Many moons back, i was back in Penang for the weekend. As i was clearing up my room, i noticed that the mango tree that my parents once planted has finally started flowering.

I have no shame but to admit that it was my first time seeing a flower of a mango tree. And in a few weeks time, the fruits would be visible but that didn’t really happen.

That’s because moments after i shot this picture, i heard the motor of a chainsaw rumbling and the next thing i knew, the tree wasn’t insight of my camera -_-”

The tree was marked X as it was in the way of the road that the local authorities were planning to expand.

Beauty seen is never lost”

Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. my mango tree that i used to climb and make a crib at the top in my grandma’s house been cut down many years ago, it was the best hang out place i had when i was a kid…

    1st notion about ‘beautiful’ would be girls or models… its nice to see variations.

  2. Beautiful!!! I love the warm yellow against the blue sky.

    My beautiful bride photo is posted for this week. Happy Saturday to you. Stop by my blog if you have time….

  3. i think i know how u feel. i been having mangos omos every day for the past week now from the garden. :) wonderful. save money and taste better than bought ones

  4. wengchoong: very rare get good shots one :P still learning

    andrew: LOL i should be asking you that loh. u go for so many outings some more. so ahem andrew when wanna call me out ya ? :P

    tallboyz: yes i can’t agree more with you :)

    thanks everyone :)