Photohunters - Colourful

Photohunters – Colourful

Not too long ago, i was at the MIFC or better known as the Malaysian International Fireworks Competition and this is the 2nd year running that this competition is being held. Last year’s winner, Australia was outstanding and i am wondering if any country could do better or even emulate what the Australians have done.

This was the first time that i am capturing fireworks and i had no idea what i was looking for. I wasn’t sure of the settings nor was i sure of the location that i was at. All i did was snap snap snap snap. Since this competition carries on till the end of the month, i thought it was would be a good exposure for me to try out a few times before the big finale which will be held on the 29th of August.

The fireworks display was definitely eye poppingly colourful and i really can’t wait for the next one :)

Have a great colourful weekend everyone :)

P/S: Have you all watched how Michael Phelps swam into the history books by being the most gold medal winner in Olympics ? And the way he swimmms, no wonder some say he is half man, half fish, lol.


  1. Wow! The photo of the fireworks you capture is so beautiful and colourful! aiyahhhh…. you make me spend money only… like that have to go buy a DSLR liao lah!

  2. Aiks… why I was not aware of this when I was down there last weekend? Where exactly was the location for the MIFC? I would like to try out my skill in taking fireworks photos. :P

    P/S: MP is a merman.. LOL

  3. Indeed, it is very colorful! I went to Putrajaya last year for the fireworks. Unfortunately, this year due to the busy time of working, I missed it jor..

  4. awesome fireworks display!! ive wanted to witness fireworks shows like these live. ive been wanting to see the pyro olympics..

    mine’s up!