Photohunters - Wrinkled

Photohunters – Wrinkled

The four days i was on Redang island, my skin on my hands and my feet were temporarily wrinkled. Being in the water for a long time definitely gets anyone’s hands to be wrinkled. But it was a good trade off except when it came to walking around on a crescent-looking-man-made island when both my feet were badly bruised because dead corals were scattered all over the island -_-”

I don’t really have a picture of me having wrinkled hands or feet but i think you get the drill :P

On a side note, i have totally forgotten about the burst shots that were taken on Redang island and it’s finally done. Credits to David for stitching them up, lol

The file is size is huge so it might take a while to get this running, please be patient :)

Have a great weekend everyone :)