Questions asked

Why only half of your arm has hair ?

Jess was asking whether i would like her to iron or rather straighten the hair on my arm which led to me writing this entry. Jess i shall spare you this time, since it’s your Bday. If not no mercy! :P

I am glad to say that i am blessed with so many nieces that whenever one is big enough to talk, they will ask questions where you might just end up stabbing your eyes with a fork. But then again, i have gone thru this drill so many times that i got used to it until a few weeks back.

I was at my Aunt’s place and ran came my niece who is still in kindergarten asking me riddles that she came up with.

Then out of the blue, she held my hand and asked:

SHE: Why only half of your arm has hair and the upper half doesn’t?

ME: ………… -_-”

Cousin: That’s because the lower half is Indian arm and the upper half is Chinese arm *smirkes*

ME: @_@! ……………..

SHE: OOOoooooo ….

ME: Hehehehe yes yes *i just agreed to keep things short and probably to end the conversation*

SHE: So do you shampoo your lower arm ?

ME: ….


  1. ganasssss so fast :P

    of course no ler, body soap got ler. goodness gracious what ler you -____-” *bangs wall*


  2. jason: hahahaha i think everyone’s IQ will drop man like that, LOL

    wengchoong: swt swt swt swt, lol. apa lar lu. btw i forgot to congratulate you ler ! when you coming to cyber or kl again ?

  3. i salutez your niece! Way to go!


    have you stabbed your eyes with a fork yet?

    teehee ;)

  4. yerh paiseh. i want to type niece wan suddenly duno how cousin comes out. please delete this and the earlier comment ya xD

  5. yo, sila pay me the ‘blog-inspirasi-fee’.. I’m gonna bill it to you soon. ^_^

    come book a time with me when u’re free har.. A promise is a promise…I’ve my straightening iron ready for you at all times! ROFL~