Malu-ation at KLIA

I was on my way back from Penang after having a one week break to distress myself and just as i stepped back into KL, i was stressed out all over again.

Just before i departed Penang Airport, i got a call from William.

Will-e: Eh later what time you are reaching KLIA ?
M-e: I dunno … about 8pm like that. Depends on how fast my luggage comes out.
Will-e: Ooooo, hehehehe.
M-e: Why ?
Will-e: Jess said she is bored in Cyberjaya, so we thought we come and pick you up.
M-e: ….
Will-e: Ok or not ?
M-e: Ok i guess :)
Will-e: So instead of paying for the train, you pay me lah ok ?
M-e: …

So i boarded the plane and after one full hour, i reached KL. As i was walking towards the exit of the arrival gate, i messaged William saying that i have arrived and he could probably drive to the exit instead of parking.

But just as i pressed ‘Send’ on my phone and tilted my head up, my eyes went @_@!






I was dumbfounded !

I pulled down my cap to cover my face and walked away from them. Jess and William on the other hand laughed their hearts out $@#%@%@^ >_<!


Seriously, malu (shy) until there’s no room to malu any more :P Grrrrrrrr. Ever since then, i swore to do something similar or probably worst to them when the time comes.

Since everyone burnt so much calories laughing, we decided to have dinner at Burger King @ KLIA itself :)

If i am not mistaken at that point of time, Steven was still in his hometown.

Later on, we all went to William’s place to snap a couple of portrait shots for Jess as she needed a picture for her convocation.

We goofed around in William’s room by randomly snapping pictures of each other. Sooner or later, Jess was finally happy with one picture and the task was done.

Then Jess tried to familiarize with William’s Sony Alpha cause *if i got this right* Jess could be a proud owner of DSLR soon. Let me stress here, could only. Cause for all you know Vincci might make her think otherwise.

On a side note, William has a rather unique room mate. No sarcasm intended but i really meant it when i say unique. Cause this is the first time …

… i am seeing Holy Water being kept in bottles. I am not sure if this was one of it but i did see one in those medicine bottles with a big label stating that it’s Holy Water.

After a couple of hours hanging around, i finally reached my room and right away i dropped dead onto my bed and dozed off. I was that tired. In fact, as i am writing this entry right now i am also tired.

Haven’t been sleeping much for the past few days but yesterday’s movie outing for Mama Mia was MIND BLASTING ! *saying it with Russell Peters’ accent* LOL. At one point of the show, when Pierce Brosnan was about to introduce himself, his spokesperson Mr Steven Tan said aloud in the cinema, the name is Bond, James Bond. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. A lot of people laughed can. ROFL that was a good one :P


  1. the most anticipated post i’d been last, ur backlog queue damn long can.. =P

    what’s with the added statement of ‘steven still in hometown’ (cannot go out without him hor?) haha

    and the emphasizing of ‘could’ and ‘Vincci’. LOL! well, you’ll never know…maybe i have hills of heels that worth a DSLR in future. *rofl*

    kinda impossible..unless i stop hanging out with you guys… :D

    moral of the story: when you’re bored in CBJ, just pang pui kee at KLIA. hahaha..

  2. lasker: hahahaha depending how you see it kua :P LOL in a way damn funny loh, rofl.

    erlynda: slowly distressing myself :P

    jess: yes finallyyyyyyyy the entry has surfaced. hahaha. LOL i said steven at home cause he isn’t there mah. nothing to do with you can’t go out without him :P

    lol a hill of heels, i think that one is possible of happening kua. hahhaah :P

    HAHAHAHAHAHA bored in cbj, go singK. ABBA !

  3. aaaaaa…mamma mia~~~~~let’s go crazy with the oldies! :D

    a hill of heels is not possibly happening..becz nowadays they’re not that bearable. only piled at the rubbish bin la. =.=

  4. jess: yes yes i am going crazyyyyy …. ahhak voulez-vousss….

    lollololol one piled at the rubbish bin pulak :::p

    steven: hahahaa u should say, the name is tan, steven tan :P

  5. wahhahahha, i its soo hard to look for a paper to write on out of the blue..

    aihhh… ‘unique’ room mate is it… sweat-ness… and my hair sooo flat… dumb cap!

    i’m leong, william leong!

  6. 0hoooo… jess bored? pick up satkuru… haha, why am i lost in a different world. coincidentally that my friend is my friend’s friend in a totally different faculty.. haha.. what a small world(campus)… :p

    jess nottie err.. oppss…

  7. william: yeah i know it’s hard, hahaha can see the ink was like scribbled a few times to make it look visible :P ahem about the roomie, i shall leave it for now. no comments, hahahaha.

    nicholas: eh? nlcw ? lol yes it’s a small world after all :D